Texas Hold’em
5 players at the showdown: who gets the pot?



Texas Hold’em
The “nuts”: a very important idea.
Given the following cards on the table, which ones are the 10 best possible hands you can theorically realize?

On the table


Best hand
2nd best hand
3rd best hand
4th best hand
5th best hand
6th best hand
7th best hand
8th best hand
9th best hand
10th best hand



Texas Hold’em
You are on the flop against three players, how should you play?

Situation 1
Situation 2


The pot goes to Bea.
At the flop Diego had the best hand with a 5-high straight; his hand was the best at the turn as well, but at the river a third heart came and so Bea got her flush and won the pot.



Best handstraight flush (with 5 and 4 of hearts)
2nd best handfour of a kind (with 3-3)
3rd best hand7s full of 3s (with 7-7)
4th best hand6s full of 3s (with 6-6)
5th best hand3s full of 7s (with 7-3)
6th best hand3s full of 6s (with 6-3)
7th best hand3s full of 2s (with 3-2)
8th best hand2s full of 3s (with 2-2)
9th best handA-high flush (with Ace of hearts)
10th best handK-high flush (with K of hearts)



Situation 1
The situation is dangerous. If nothing came, you probably lose against a higher pair; if you make three 7s, but a J or a 6 could give a straight  to an opponent; the only real good card for you is a 6. So you’d better fold quickly.

Situation 2
Compared to the previous hand, the situation has stronlgy improved. Any 9 or 4 gives you a straight that makes you win almost surely (only an improbable 9-7 beats you); the more dangerous card is indeed a 7, that gives you three of a kind against a possible straight.