Code 777

CODE 777

Ther are 28 numbered cards in different colors, as in the image below:


Four players have three cards. They can see their opponents’ codes but not their own;


Could you reveal Dino’s code, knowing that:
Bianca sees as many pink numbers as blue ones
Andrea sees numbers in five different colors
Cinzia sees three cards equal in number and color, but divided among two different people
Cinzia sees more uneven than even numbers
Andrea sees more even than uneven numbers
Cinzia sees as many black as red numbers.


According to the statement n°5, Dino has to have at least one even number, for n°4 he has to have at least two uneven numbers:  so he has one even and two uneven numbers; following statement n°3  Dino has to have either one brown 4 or two red 5s 4, but for statement n°2 he must have the same colors of Bianca and Bianca e Cinzia (that are already five): so he has to have a brown 4 and no red nor green card;  according to statement n°6 Dino doesn’t have black numbers (because if so he should have also a red number to even up), so the 3s have to be counted out; since he has to have two uneven cards (besides the brown 4 taht is even) Dino must have two 7s,  and according to statement n°1 they must be one pink and the other blue.
So Dino has a brown 4, a pink 7 and a blue 7.