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The nerds prize


Answer to these 20 questions about super heroes: if you know them very well you’ll see a figure about heroes. How?
Each question corresponds to a portion of the grid with 5 squares: fill in the ones with an S if the answer of that question is YES, with an N if that answer is NO.
NOTE: the lines with 5 N should never be coloured.

This super hero will make it
1.    Superman’s real name is Clark Kent.
2.    Flash is dressed in red.
3.    Batman has one or several super powers.
4.    Wolverine has three bone claws in his hand.
5.    The music band 883 sing “Hanno ucciso Superman”?
6.    The “Batsignal” is a great “B” projected in the sky.
7.    Wonder Woman is Mister Fantastic’s girlfriend?
8.    Kryptonite is bad for Superman.
9.    Once transformed, David Banner becomes always Hulk?
10.    Joker is one of Batman rivals?
11.    The Avengers are a group of superheroes.
12.    The incredibles is a heroes family.
13.    Peter Parker, Spiderman, is in real life a director.
14.    Aquaman’s family comes from Atlantide.
15.    “Capitan America”’s real name is “Colonel Europa”.
16.    Thor is Odino’s son.
17.    One of the fantastic Fours is called “The rock”.
18.    PK is short for Paperinik.
19.    “Green Lantern” is a movie about superheroes.
20.    Ben 10 is able to transform in 10 different aliens.





Solutions: 1S, 2S, 3N, 4S, 5N, 6N, 7N, 8S, 9N, 10S, 11S, 12S, 13N, 14S, 15N, 16S, 17N, 18S, 19S, 20S.