A real challenge, realized by Francesco Valente.
• Fill the grid like a crossword puzzle, one digit per space;
• the first digit of each number can’t be zero;
• In the definitions a and d stand for across and down.

The mechanisms are similar to the crossword puzzle, but the solution process is completely different, and therefore also the mental approach is of another kind.
First of all it is advisable to read carefully all the definitions, because thery are all connected to each other. In the beginning it seems impossible to write any number,  but then, analizing the crossings between the definitions, one can find out the first clues; and then, this very same clues will help to open other doors that will lead to the final solution…

This puzzle is momentarily availabe only in italian.

Scrivete nello schema (una cifra per casella) i numeri che corrispondono alle seguenti… definizioni

1.    Il quadrato del 4v
5.    L’8v con le cifre invertite
6.    Vedere all’1v
7.    Un multiplo del 4v
9.    Un numero primo

1.    Un multiplo del 6o
2.    Il cubo dell’5o
3.    Il quadrato dell’8v
4.    Vedere all’1o
8.    Vedere al 5o e al 3v