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Reazione a catena


Reazione a catena


pp. 224


Refreshing the mind playing with words and discovering thousands of fun facts about the italian language: this book presents, in one volume, the best of the well-known games of the popular quiz show lead by Amadeus on Rai 1 in 2017. Between “Caccia alla parola”, “L’intesa vincente”, “Le catene musicali”, “Una tira l’altra”, but also more classical crosswords, accept to challenge your intuition, quickness, linguistic knowledge and puzzle experience, just to make some healty exercize that will keep your brain trained with fun. And at the end of the volume, depending on the score, discover who won and how well you perform!

Adapted, texts and games by studiogiochi.

List of editions
  • 2017, Reazione a catena
    (Italiano) (first edition)