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Players: 2-4

Duration: 20

Age: 8+

First edition:


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It’s a funny strategy and memory game. Players are gangs of pitiless fleas that will do all the possible to lay siege to some funny dogs. At the beginning of the game all the 12 dogs are on the game board, one for each street. During their turns, players put one flea of their supply, but the color of the flea, that is the color of the player that positioned it, won’t be visible: players have to remember it! Once the board has been completely filled, fleas  will be turned up and dogs will be won by the player that will have the biggest number. You need skill and memory.
This game has been presented with another setting as a “learn&play” game in occasion of the Player of the Year 2000: competitors learned the rules and started immediately to play: the first that learned was the winner! 

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The board


List of editions
  • 2003, Hundsgemein
    (Tedesco) (first edition)