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Europa 1945/2030


Europa 1945/2030

Players: 3-6

Duration: 120

Age: 12+

First edition:


In 4 turns of the game, players remake the history of Europe since 1945, and project it into the future until 2030. What will the face of Europe be then? It’s up to the players to decide.
The game of EUROPA is not fought with tanks or soldiers. It’s a battle of ideas: each player represents a European political party who is trying, with each election, to advance its own European ideal. Events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Empire cause the risks of war to increase and even threaten the creation of a unified Europe. In order to defeat the different nationalist parties, players must learn to cooperate and compromise. To advance their ideals without losing sight of the common objective -the European Union- that is the goal for the players of EUROPA. EUROPA mixes politics, diplomacy, history, and geography, to offer to players rapid and intense play with amazing realism. This game will help players learn more about Europe so that they may better understand what’s really at stake.
It is possible to represent Europe as it was at the time of each turn, thanks to some special parts of the board to be put on the board itself: just after the first World War (1st turn), as the dictatorship of Portugal, Spain and Greece felt down (2nd turn) and after the fall of the Berlin Wall (3rd turn). At the same time, as a Country becomes part of the European Union, it will change colors using a gig puzzle piece of the same size.
10 years after the date of pubblication, when the European Union was formed by 15 Countries, reality is  similar to what the game was  about.

Attention! The pitiless mechanism of elections and of the fragile alliances can make strong friendships weak!


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The game
List of editions
  • 1998, Europa 1945/2030
    (Francese) (prima edizione)
  • 1998, Europa 1945/2030
  • 1998, Europa 1945/2030
  • 1998, Europa 1945/2030