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Da che pARTE stai?


Da che pARTE stai?

Players: 13-26

Duration: 45

Age: 9

First edition:


It is a didactic game realized for the Diocesan Museum of Padua, in occasion of the exhibition “From Adige to Alpes” dedicated to the restored pictures. The game is born for groups of boys and girls from 9 years and up, under the guide of a “chief of the game”.
The participants will secretely have some rule: some of them will be a “work of art”, some will be the “dangers” of the works of art (fire, theft, war…), some of them the “institutions” working for the safeguard and conservation of the works of art. There will be then 2 different teams: pros (pictures and institutions) and cons (dangers). But nobody knows the identity of the other players and, during the game, players must try to understand who are friends and who are opponents: but bluffing is always possible! 

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