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Cibo per la mente I


Cibo per la mente I


Finally a diet where there is nothing you should avoid!
Cibo per la mente (which literally means “Food for the brain”) offers to everyone tthe possibility o stuff oneself with
logic, mathematics and intellectual brainteasers, whitout any digestive problem.
In the last few years the recreational mathematics has become more and more popular and the amount of people that want to train their brains have increased.  Therefore not only body-building! People also need a gym where they can train their brains. And this book is exactly what they need!
In this book you can find intelligence tests, numerical quizzes, logical brainteasers and much more; for the first time there is also a section dedicated to problems about board games to be solved.
There are easy games, ideal for beginners, as well as difficult games, good for the trained brains; furthermore on the side of each game you can find a sign that indicates the difficulty level of the game.

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