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Discover GAMES as a new and successful
communication tool!


Costumers will be involved in first person.
For promotional campaigns (of products, ideas, the very same games) as well as in the educational areas (professional, scholastic, cultural).

For any requirement or occasion we provide games in every possible form, size and material, to promote a logo, a product, a company, a tourist attraction, an event, a cultural event, …

The most classic way to begin with games, with endless personalization possibilities.

You may:
– Personalize the backs of playing cards

– Create memory games (also quartets, other classic mechanisms or original ones) focused on the company/product that has to be promoted

– Require collectible cards for costumers/users loyalty campaigns

And that’s not all. We offer you also special effects to impress your target.

Did you know that there are perfumed cards? And what about coloring cards or make-up cards? Have you ever seen cards in particular forms? Did you know that there are many packaging possibilities?


Printing: starting from 1000 copies
Production: in collaboration with the world leader of this area
Costs: unbeatable quality/prize ratio

For more information write to: info@studiogiochi.com

A new idea: your personalized jigsaw puzzle

We can offer personalized jigsaw puzzles
created starting from any kind of image.


Printing: starting from 1.000 copies
Size: from mini jigsaw puzzles for children to over 10.000 pieces for experts
Production: in collaboration with the best specialized companies

For more information write to: info@studiogiochi.com

Not only Monopoly and the Game of the Goose: today you can choose a game created especially for you.

Using already existing and well known mechanisms, and creating new and original ones, the game’s subject will be your company, your product, your service.

Theseus, a game realized for Roche


Send out your message with a game, your game!

For more information write to: info@studiogiochi.com

cultural event?
An artistic event?
A party?

Make them more interesting through a “tailor-made” event game.

An original way to entertain your guests and make your event memorable.

For more information write to: info@studiogiochi.com