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I 3 (+1) Board Games più adatti ai pokeristi
April 2016: Dario De Toffoli on italiapokerclub indicates the 3 (+1) best Board Games for poker players.

Poker: no laws
March 2016: Dario De Toffoli interviewed on Italia Poker Club about th elack of laws about poker: “It could be because of ignorance or just because it is not convenient”.

Taking decisions: from backgammon to poker
October 22 2015: Dario De Toffoli at the Luiss University of Rome, invited to talk at the course of Prof. Scarsini “Gambling: probability and decision”.

Italian Poker Wild
2013: Italian Poker Wild, the new game by the Diego Ferrari team, developed by studiogiochi.

Gioco digitale
Gioco Digitale has been a great opportunity of collaboration! In the beginning, when it was a creative start up, the first one to offer online poker tournaments in Italy; until the its great changes…

Risk and unknown between poker and market
July 8th 2010: poker taken as a model for decisions to take in a competitive environment. An issue at the API of Mantova.

Poker Sportivo Show
2010: De Toffoli took part to TV show by Poker Sportivo Show dedicated to the learning of poker!

Italian Poker Awards
2010: Nomination for Dario De Toffoli at the Italian Poker Awards!


Italian Poker Wild, the new game presented by Diego Ferrari together with his team of expert croupiers. It presents some innovations that should attract many players.
Esy to learn, fascinating and modern.

The development and mathematical analysis of the game were created by the studiogiochi team, Dario De Toffoli, Margaret Bonaldi and Filippo Cavallarin.

In the video below, Diego Ferrari explains the characteristics of Italian Poker Wild.


The collaboration with Gioco Digitale has been a great opportunity! Since the very beginning, when it was a very creative start up and was the first company to offer online poker playing in Italy; after it became a real business and the fun begun to disappear. Fausto Gimond’s insights, meeting with Max Pescatori and the book that we realized together, and the tournaments.

“It is the story of a new industry that gives work to thousands of people and not only to the people that work for the poker rooms: TV programms, reviews, specialized websites and a huge amount of blogs and communities. And also a quite remarkable literature compared to other games or sports”.

Fausto Gimondi
founder of Gioco Digitale

Gioco Digitale also launched Poker Digitale (www.pokerdigitale.it), a very up to date website with many tools: there is a magazine with the last news in the world of poker; an internet TV with programs about poker; a blog in wich the user can partecipate; a very crowded Poker School (based on our texts) that answers to all the questions and shows the rules and the first main techniques.

Here above a picture of the introduction (“Quick start”) of the Poker School (www.pokerdigitale.it/scuola), that is arranged in 10 lessons shown at the left.

In the section about Strategies of the Blog Poker Digitale you may find a series of technical articles by Dario De Toffoli.