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Play ’15 – Game law


Also this year studiogiochi took part to PLAY (Modena, April 11-12 2015) with some interventions by Dario De Toffoli.


Saturday April 11 – 11:00 a.m. – Pavilion A
Il diritto al gioco e ipotesi di una legge nazionale
(The right to play and hypotetis of a national law)
During the meeting, also promoted by GioNa, the regional law proposal (region: Friuli Venezia Giulia) “Rules for the promotion of the right to play, the citizenship sport and free time” was presented and the main issue was the assumption of a national law on the same subject.
Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine and GioNA President
Filippo Fossati, deputy
Raffaella Basana, Games Assessor for the city of Udine
Dario De Toffoli, founder of studiogiochi

Legge sul gioco - Modena Play 2016.jpg
From the left, F.Honsell, F. Fossati, R. Basana and D. De Toffoli