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Modena ’12 – Play



Also this year studiogiochi will be at PLAY (Modena, March 24-25 2012), this time with an information stand about the Premio Archimede 2012.

– Several jury members will be there to give you any kind of information:
Alfredo Berni
Leo Colovini
Dario De Toffoli
Carlo A.Rossi
Dario Zaccariotto
Alessandro Zucchini

– Whoever wishes to participate to the Premio Archimede 2012 my register directly at the stand, bringing his prototype with him and filling out the participation form.

– The Notice of competition and Participation Form will be at your disposal.

– There will be copies of the best games of the past most recent editions that have been published, to be tryed out by anyone:


Aquileia-Cover.jpgAquileia (Cielo d’Oro)
Winner of the Premio Archimede 2010, where it also won the IDG prize, it is now a game produced by the German Zoch and the Dutch 999 games. 
dropsite cover.jpgDrop Site (Dennis B. Hoyle)
Winner of the Special Prize Carta Mundi to the best card game at the Premio Archimede 2010, Drop Site is a game about delivering and coordinating humanitarian aid shipments. 
kalimambo - Cover.jpgKalimambo (Antonio Scrittore)
A bit party, a bit cooperative, surely interactive. It seems easy to name an object… but how to describe it best if there are many very similar versions of it on the table? 
Egizia - Cover.jpgEgizia (Acchittocca)
A challenge for Egyptian architets who have to build temples, sphinxes, obelisks and pyramids. But beware of the Nile’s floods! 
Frutti di mare - Cover.jpgFrutti di mare (Simone Luciani)
At the fish market the prices rise and fall according to demand. Try not to be left with the seafood whose price has crashed! 
Terra nova - cover.jpgTerra Nova (Rosanna Leocata, Gaetano Evola)
The development strategy meets the survivor tatics. Each pioneer’s mission is to claim as much of the new world as possible, placing the borders stones and moving the pawns in the most clever way. 
walhalla.jpgWalhalla (Alex Zucchini)
The players take on the role of a Viking chief with his own fleet to conquer and assault new land. This also means conflict among players because, after all, only the boldest Vikings deserve a place in Valhalla.