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Observing the figure try to find out what is requested.
1. How many Great Smurf are there?
2. And how many Lady Smurf?
and now look for these 13 Smurfs:
3. One Smurf is sleepy…
4. … and one is still sleeping
5. A Smurf is getting ready for the Olympic games
6. … one still wants to play the vuvuzela…
7. … And one doesn't want to hear it anymore!
8. A Smurf wants to explore the sea
9. … Another wants to ski
10. A Smurf celebrates the Soccer World Cup Champions
11. … Another drinks for the German's third place…
12. … Another is sad to have lost
13. There is a Smurf with a saw
14. … Another with a chopper
15. Great these Smurfs… they always have an Ace!



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