Premio Archimede, together with IDG is happy to announce to the game authors that, starting already from this edition, there will be another important prize: the IDG trophy, for the best game created entirely by a beginner inventor (an author that never published one of his own games).
The winner of the prize will receive a plate, the free participation (participation fee and trip to get there) to the next IDeAG in the city of Torino, and a little collection of board games made by the authors of the IDG “area”.
The founder and spokesperson of IDG, Paolo Mori, winner of the previous edition of the Premio Archimede ("Lorenzo il magnifico"), author of many successful games such as "Vasco de Gama", will participate to the selection of the finalists.

IDG, born on the web in 2005, is a community of passionate people that are by now about 1000 members.
The community is open to game authors, aspiring authors, looking for advice, wanting to show their creations to publishers that search for original and good games, and also to players that are curious about game design or eager to try out a new game.
IDG is not only on the web: every year it organizes 3 international encounters: at Piossasco (near Torino) in January, at Berceto (near Parma) in April, and at Sant'Omero (near Teramo) in June.


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