There will be two separate juries, both directed by Niek Neuwahl:
• the selection jury will assign special awards and choose the games admitted to the finals and among them the finalists.
• the final jury will vote in front of the public, during the final ceremony, deciding the winners, for the Archimede Prize.

There will be a separate votation concerning card games, in order to assign the Cartamundi Prize to the best card game. This votation will be lead by Luc Mertens, game expert, specialized in card games, having directed the game section of Cartamundi for 33 years and having collaborated with many different game publishers all over the world.

selection jury
• Giuseppe Baggio
• Leo Colovini
• Mauro Gaffo

• Andrea Ligabue

• Paolo Munini
• Dario Zaccariotto
• Alessandro Zucchini

final jury
• Michael Bruinsma (Phalanx, Netherlands)
• Bernd & Moritz Brunnhofer (Hans im Glück, Germany)
• Silvio De Pecher (la tana dei Goblin, Italy)
• Dario De Toffoli (studiogiochi, Italy)
• Uwe Molter (Amigo, Germany)
• Philipp Sprick (Ravensburger, Germany)
• Dieter Strehl (Piatnik, Austria)
• Croc (Asmodée, France)
• Albrecht Werstein (Zoch, Germany)

Both groups will be joined by Fabrizio Berger, Giulia Franceschini, Giorgia Marchesin, Elisa Marzorati, Rossana Nardo and Francesco Nepitello for consultancy.