The PREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2004 is organized by studiogiochi and concernes the realization of boardgames.

Anyone can participate, there are no age nor nationality limits.

The authors must be non professionals (this means that they shouldn't be internationally known as game authors).
Authors may participate as singles as well as in groups.

Besides the Premio Archimede Award, the jury will assign the Sebastiano Izzo
Special Prize and many other Prizes.

After the sad loss of Alex Randolph, the new President of the jury is Nicolaas Neuwahl: with him Spartaco Albertarelli, Giuseppe Baù, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Paolo Fasce, Ennio Peres and Dario Zaccariotto. The secretary is organized by Stefano Mondini and Massimo Tonizzo.

To participate please send your prorotype within the 30th of April 2004.

Among the accepted games, 30 of them will be admitted to the final.

All the finalist games will be shown in a exhibition during the summer at the Musée Suisse du Jeu (Swiss games museum) in La Tour de Peilz.

All kinds of Trophies and Prizes will be given to the authors that will be pointed out.

For each admitted game there will be a
valutation report and a certificate of participation (which states the presentation of the game in that date).
All inventors accepted will receive a present.

Reports on the best games will be sent to all Italian game manufacturers.