2016 Venice, Sala San Leonardo 
Premio Archimede 2016 
1st place: Tergeste by Eric Orel
2nd place: Monster Evolution by Guido Albini
3rd place: Heinrich IV by Christian Scheibner
4th place: Alter Ego by Maurizio Turinetto
Special Prize Carta Mundi: Monster Evolution by Guido Albini
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo”: WuXing by Pietro Gorini
Special Prize IDG: Tergeste by Eric Orel
Special Prize Scienza in gioco: Meteo by Riccardo Guerra
Special Prize Fotonica: Marama by the class 3B L. S. Leonardo Da Vinci (Jesi)

2014 Venice, Sala San Leonardo  
Premio Archimede 2014  
1st placeNea Polis by Ciro Facciolli and Sara Rubino  
2nd placeApprodo del re by David Zanotto 
3rd placeBorgogna by David Zanotto  
Special Prize Carta Mundi: Rus in urbe by Marco Franchin
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo”: Approdo del re by David Zanotto 
Special Prize IDG: 
Nea Polis by Ciro Facciolli and Sara Rubino
Special PrizeApollo11 by Nicola Montagner
Special PrizeJules Verne Prophecy 
by Maurizio Turinetto
Special Prize Pen&Paper Game: Line2Dots by Chong Veng Cheang

Venice, Istituto d’Arte Guggenheim  
Premio Archimede 2012  
1st place: Marco Polo by Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani  
2nd place: Romanesque by Simone Luciani and Paolo Mori  
3rd place: Bee keeper by Nestore Mangone  
Special Prize Carta Mundi: Buio by Luca Bellini
Special Prize FBT: Terra4Mars by Giuseppe Carlo Roncari and Lord Max  
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo”: Il gioco di Nala by Furio Honsell  
Special Prize IDG: Antico by David Zanotto

Venice, Aula Magna of the University of Architecture
Premio Archimede
1st place: Aquileia by Pier Volontè (Saronno - Varese)
2nd place: Builders of Egypt by Phil Harding (Australia)
3rd place: Cacao by Phil Harding (Australia)
4th place: Abate Lappesca by Teodoro Mitidieri, Francesco Sciacqua and Pietro Rubolino (Milano)
Special Prize Carta Mundi to the Best card game: Drop site by Dennis Hoyle (USA)
Special Prize Focus Brain Trainer: Quantum race by Fabio Chiarello (Latina)
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo”: Memomat by Hiroaki Ota (Japan)
Special Prize Winning Moves: Cacao by Phil Harding (Australia)

2008 Venice, Aula Magna of the University of Architecture
Premio Archimede 2008

1st place: Lorenzo il magnifico by Paolo Mori
2nd place: Strada romana by Walter Obert
3rd place: Timbuctu by Alex Saragosa
4th place: Egizia by Virgilio Gigli
Special Prize Carta Mundi to the Best card game: Portobello road by Simone Luciani
Special Prize Focus Brain Trainer: Triple by Paolo Durighello
Special Prize “Sebastiano Izzo”: Esagon by Alimberto A. Torri
Special Prize Winning Moves: Strada romana by Walter Obert 

2006 Venice, Faculty of Design and Arts of the University IUAV
Premio Archimede 2006

1st place: Clavigola by QMAM
2nd place: Rapina al treno di El Paso by Luca Borsa
3rd place: Rapa Nui by Alessandro Saragosa
4th Place: Tiago by Celo Doro
Special Prize "Sebastiano Izzo": Kra by Antonio Scrittore
Special Prize to thel Best game of the IUAV students: Esa by Andrea Buran, Riccardo Cendron, Laura Cervellin
Special Prize Carta Mundi to the Best card game: Star System by Walter Obert
Special Prize SuGioKo Dal Negro: Marco Minetti

2004 Venice, Aula Magna of the University of Architecture
Premio Archimede 2004
1st place: Terranova by Gaetano Evola and Rosanna Leocata
2nd place: Moria by Alessandro Saragosa
3rd place: Al Fischmarkt by Mario Papini
4th place: Fatocrazia by Fabio Chiarello
Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo: Magnetic Game by Cristian Salarby
Special Prize for sport simulation: La maglia rosa by Giovanni Sirio
Special Prize for the IUAV students: Cruzade by Beatrice Arman (Uruguay) and Silvia Serra
Special Prize for the high social value: Criminal mouse of the detained and volunteers of the San Vittore prison
Special Prize for the foreign partecipation: Dome Quest by Greg Babic (Australia)

2002 Venice, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, headquarter of the Casino of Venice
Premio Archimede 2002
1st place: Magma by Carlo A. Rossi
2nd place: Old Town by Stephan Riedel (Germania)
3rd place: Maya by Alessandro and Manuel Saragosa
Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo: Kaskad by Valere Fourcade (Francia)
Best game for children: Cromodrom by Giuseppe Bonfiglio
Special Award: 1-2-3War by Gaetano Evola and Rosanna Leocata
Special Award: L’Azteco by Andrea Carpentieri and Luciano Cuni
Special Award: Genoma guys by Fabio Chiarello
Special Award: I collezionisti by Roberto Magioncalda
Special Award: Il principe by Alessandro Saragosa
Special Award: Talata by Angelo Iozzolino
Special Award: Collection by Luisa and Francesco Cognetti

2000 Cagli, 8th Festival Italiano dei Giochi
Premio Archimede 2000
1st place: ex-aequo to Bisanzio by A. Saragosa and to Gnomoni by D. Carpitella
3rd place: Arabesque by Rosanna Leocata and Gaetano Evola
4th place: Nella giungla by Claubyo Serravalli
Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo: Chain by Paolo Franzoso
Best game for children: Cling clang by Roberto Fraga (Francia)
Special Award: Parapalline  by the Ingegneria del buon sollazzo
Special Award: Sopravvento by Alberto Zaccagni
Special Award: Spin and Trap by Andrea Mainini

1998 Cagli, 6th Festival Italiano dei Giochi
Premio Archimede 1998
1st place: Giano by Furio Ferri
Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo: Cuzco by Andrea Mainini
Best card game: Verba game by Giuliano Parenti and Torquato Lo Mele published by Dal Negro
Best strategic game: Semiramide by Gioachino Prestigiacomo
Best family game: Magic Mills by Jürgen Elias (Germania)
Special Award - Fantasy: La popart by Vincenzo Lisena
Special Award - aesthetics: Doremifà by Monica Mariani
Special Award - affinity: È qui la festa? by Mariagrazia Bertarini and Jorgelina Casajus

1996 Marina di Carrara, Libriamo&Giochiamo
Premio Archimede 1996
1st place: Krakatoa by Walter Obert
Best family game: Netwalker by Fabio Chiarello
Best strategic game: Forma o colore? by Francesco Rotta
Best word game: Path by Giulio Leoni
Best solitary game: Schizoedro by Duilio Carpitella
Special Prize: Gabbia by Andrew by Andrea Mainini
Special Award of the Public: Jump ball by Claubyo Del Pizzo
Archimede Junior (for under age authors): Un parco per amico by the students of  the Middle School “Martiri della Resistenza” in Porto Sant’Elpidio (AP)

1995 Cattolica, Player of the Year Competition
Premio Archimede 1995
1st place: Svicolando by Claubyo Serravalli
Best family game: Passi nel buio by Fabio Chiarello
Best game for children: Plaf by Francesco Zane
Best strategic game: Il 3 cinese by Carmelo Marchi
Special Award: Antitrust by Giancarlo Posenato
Special Award: Memento by Marcello Fortini

1994 Carrara, Estategiochi 1994
Premio Archimede 1994
1st place: Algoritmo by Giacomo Dotta
Best 2 player game: Doppia copia by Marcello Fortini
Best strategic game: Kripta by Michele Comerci
Best family game: La Torre by Babele by Andrea Tosero
Best role playing game: C’era una volta by Francesco Lutrario
Special Award of the Public: Ringmaster by Salvatore and Silvano Compostella
Special Prize: In viaggio con Totò by Stefano D'Aurizio
Special Prize: Il salto del muro (Go up) by C. Carosi e A. Caputo

1993 Gradara, Festival Italiano dei Giochi
Rassegna dimostrativa