All of the four Italian 2016 medalists have confirmed their participation… They will be fierce competitors!

medaglisti italiani 2016.jpg
Dario De Toffoli, Riccardo Gueci, Cosimo Cardellicchio, Daniele Ferri

This year we will also have Piero Zama, an old friend of mine, back in the team.
In the 80s he became Italian Champion both in Mastermind and in Risk and in 2004 he took part at MSO, winning 4 medals (among which, two gold).

So with him in the ten some more Italian medals will be ensured… but we will be really competitive in the "senior" category, due to the 300 years we sum up together!

Strong young players… please show up!

Big Shot - tavolo 1.JPG
In the picture Piero playing at the "Italian Player of the Year" competitions