The XX Edition of the Mind Sports Olympiad took place in London from August 21 to 29 2016.



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D – double session, full day: 10.15am to 6pm (lunch break 1.30pm-2.15pm)
AM – morning events: 10.15am to 1.45pm
PM – afternoon events: 2.15pm to 6pm
N – night events: 7pm to 10.30pm
WC = World Championship
8x3pt = 8 rounds, 3 points each
25m = game lasts 25 minutes

Sunday, Aug 21 

10am Welcome Ceremony
D Backgmn 6rdx5pt 
D Settlers of Catan 
D Scrabble 
D Chess 960 Rapid 
N 7 Card Stud 
N Chess 5min 
N Dominion 
N Oware 
N Memory World Cup

Monday, Aug 22

AM Cribbage Singles
PM Cribbage Pairs
D Cities & Knights
D Chess Rapid 25m
D Backgammon 8x3pt
N London Lowball
N King’s Cribbage WC
N Coal Baron
N Exchange Chess
N Nackgammon

Tuesday, Aug 23

AM Abalone WC
AM Rummikub
PM Twixt WC
PM Triolet
D Terra Mystica
D Backgammon 6x7pt
N Backgammon 6x1pt
N Ment Calc Blitz *8pm
N Trench
N 5 Card Draw
N Hare&Tortoise WC

Wednesday, Aug 24
AM Mental Calc WC
AM Chinese Chess
AM Mensa Connections
PM Shogi
PM Mastermind
D Carcassonne
PM+N Entropy WC
N Pineapple
N Tetris
N Race for the Galaxy

Thursday, Aug 25

AM Decamentathlon WC
AM Superfut
PM Kamisado WC
PM VEGEtables
D Acquire
D Backgammon 4x11pt
N Backgammon Plakoto
N 7 Wonders
N Computer Prog.
N Omaha
N Shacru WC

Friday, Aug 26

AM Stratego Duel WC
PM Othello
D Lines of Action
D Diplomacy
D Ticket to Ride (EU)

Sunday, Aug 28

AM Go 9×9
AM Blokus
AM Kenken/Sudoku
PM Crossword *4pm
PM Go 13×13
PM Quoridor
PM Creative Thinking WC
D Agricola D Bridge 
N Texas Hold’Em
N Quiz
N Gomoku
N Dominion Expansions
N Continuo WC

Monday, Aug 29

AM Dominoes
AM Boku WC
PM Lost Cities
PM Heads up hold’em
D Monopoly
D Go 19×19
D Puerto Rico

630pm Pentamind WC
Award Ceremony