LONDON - JW3 Finchley Rd.
23-31 August 2015
Mind Sports Olympiad XIX

Here below the Playlist of the interviews to some of the MSO 2015 players. You may watch them all or select from the youtube menu on the top left of the video:

Paco de la Banda: his name already makes you think of a nice guy. Paco is a great player, he won the Pentamind in 2010, has officially represented Spain in many games, and is very strong in all the classic games (chess, go, bridge). He was successfull Company Director, and then about ten years ago he diced to change his life, right here at Mind Sports Olympiad. He begun to teach games in schools, to 6 to 12 years old children. He earns less, but is more happy. This year in London he held a seminar on the relationship between games and life: the decisions that you learn to take in strategy games can help you make the right decisions even in life.

Ankush Kahndelwal: was born in India, grew up in England and has represented the junior team of both chess and bridge. He is mathematician and has worked as a financial analyst at the stock exchange ... then he quit and is now living playing poker professionally. His specialty is the Omaha head up online (for some it could be a morally questionable choice, all right, but if he can make a living out of it because he is the best one ... of course this is not a game of chance). He already won the Pentamind 2013 (tied with Andres Kuusk) and is one of the candidates for the next podium. He is 24 years old. If you please.

Riccardo Gueci: or chess in Sicily. Not only that, even Mensa ... and many many other games, from bridge, othello and anything else new to learn. That's how I like chess players, open to the rest of the world and not enclosed in a shell that they are imagine golden. Since a couple years he shares with me the adventure of the Mind Sports Olympiad in London and it's fun to make a team.

Cosimo Cardellicchio: scholar of Alex Randolph's games, expert of the games theory, author of "Giocatori non biologici in azione" ["Non biological players in action"], enthusiastic conference goer (you better don't give him the microphone, because he won't stop talking...), here in London he only plays two games, Twixt and Mancala.

Daniele Ferri: long time player. He is the only one that had participated to all the "Giocatore dell'Anno" [Player of the year] competitions (ah, that good old times!). Able to play any game, he always has done well here at MSO. By now he also is a very proud games author, with his VegeTables, played also here in London.

Gert Mittring: not only games at the Mind Sports Olympiad, but also mental challanges. One of them is "Mental calculation" and Gert Mittring is its profet. Guys, I really am good at this game, but this fellow is far beyond… I will post an example of a challange, so you may have soe fun too... lol!

Glenda Trew: if today we all know that great family of games called Oware/Mancala/Awele/Wari… it is also thanks to her and to her Oware International Society. Passionate player, she is restless in making Oware known.

Etan Ilfeld: the main organizer of the Mind Sports Olympiad. He has a scientific background and is an entrepreneur for anything he likes: games, books, contemporary arts, and more. He invented "Diving chess": the chessboard is fixed on the bottom of a pool and you make your move in apnea.

Diving chess.jpeg
James Heppel, champion of the 2015 Tournament

Andres Kuusk & Co.: "Estonishing!", yes, because in 2014 the "Estonia Team" had "astonishing" results here at the MSO. Andres Kuusk won the Pentamind, Madli Mirne won the women Pentamind, Martin Hobemagi won the Junior Pentamind. Here the three of them, coming from the cold...

Alain Dekker: from South Africa, but living now in London, very competitive in many games, but always ready to sacrifice a Tournament's strictness for a more "ludic" vision of the same Tournaments, that he thinks must always guarantee satisfaction also for begginers and not only to the Pentamind-hunters. The good and mild side of agonism.

David Pearce: he took part to all 19 editions of the Mind Sports Olympiad and he is widely the player that won the greatest numer of medals, almost 150! A true collector, as well as for medals as for any world title: is there a Tournament for the World Championship? He will participate and it will be pretty difficult to beat him!

Joseph Kollar: he is prime at the MSO. Since many years, he referees many tournaments, always trying to give a friendly aspect more than a technical one to the games. When possible, he always joins himself some of the challanges.