12th Mind Sports Olympiad
Horticultural Halls Conference Centre, Greycoat Street, London
15 – 25 August

After 3 years of missing it, I finally decided to take part again at the Mind Sports Olympiad, that will take place in London between August 15 and 25.

The organizers found a new nice place in the center of London and promised a renewed administration and 99 different challanges, so I decided to go for it!
Let's see if I'll get some good results again: In any case I am sure I will have fun participating to as many competitions as possible (backgammon, poker, acquire, carcassonne, catan, nubble, continuo, rummikub, entropy, mastermind... and maybe something more)
Is there anybody that would like to join me to represent our country? Piero Zama... are you there? Devan Maggi? Where are you all, show yourself!

Dario De Toffoli