Il partito perfetto.jpg

A game created for the exhibition "Concreta utopia - Lelio Basso e il progetto di una democrazia globale" at the Casanatense library in Rome.
The game consisted in setting up the ideal party, choosing among the various organizational forms of the base, the summits and leadership.
The results are often comical: intellectual left party corresponded to the extreme right organizations and those of the Conservative party are related to trade union movements.

"Here then, at the end, a game about "what party are you from?" Indeed, just make your own ideal party, and we'll tell you what it is. Visitors tempted from the game, pay attention! The writer of this text
, in his eagerness to promote the self-organization and ensure the basic control, ended up among the Cobas milk group!"

GUGLIELMO RAGOZZINO, Il Manifesto - 21/11/03