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Season more colorless then the previous one, some ITM but no brilliant. Last May, I arrived to Italian Championship, placed in one of the first positions of the Omaha' ranking, so I decided to focus overall on it! Here, for example, an immagine of the final table brillianty won by "notary" Mr. Grimaldi.

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Wasted the occasion of the first Omaha I reached a Deep final table (TV) with 171 competitors, finishing on 5th position, that is not so bad.

This is the description by Pokerfactor, about the hand that caused my elimination (before it "I was halved" loosing with Q-Q against 5-5):

Super rush of Armando Masci that became monster chipleader (more then 7.000.000 against 3.000.000 of his direct pursuer), after having elimated Dario De Toffoli: Masci open at 230.000 from ctg with 99, 3bet of Dario De Toffoli, in SB with AJ and call of his rival. 

Flop A9Q, cbet 600.000, call Masci.
Turn J, push of Dario for 1.500.000 and snap call of Armando.
River 5 and we remained on 4.


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I played the important Omaha and 6-max tournaments, but in an unsatisfactory way: had some bad luck but I don't think to have lost just "the minimum". Ok, chapter closed, at Omaha I finished only at 5th on the annual rank.

I won one of the 3 tickets for the Main Event offered in a freeroll with about 200 participants; here we had few chips and the where a lot of all in...and I had been really lucky, winning more then one hit "from the bottom". 

But, at Main I found Enrico Mosca in a state of grace, he dominated the table taking advance of his best "rush": he defeated me with a straight at the flop, which I didn't believe ....with my two pair.


Nothing more rilevants till the journalist chiampionship, during which I finished runner up (2nd), such as last year.

On the video, you can see the hand that condanned me: with colour runner runner should I  limite myself to watch  the 15.000bet of Paolo Emilio Pacciani? Could smell sthat also him had colour runner runner (and nut too!)?



We are arriving at last tournament played, the PRO Championship, already won last year.

For a sequence of circumstances, this year the tournament was not so participated, but the players quality was really high, because all the best ranked player, to fight for a placement on the Italian Team, which will flight to Last Vegas. I'm talking about players such as Vecchi, Mosca, Scalzi, Zaric, Jacopek…

I was finally really focused and I was able to win the third ISOP bracelet (reaching Max Forti, the only one player with 3 bracelets at the moment).

At the end of day1 we remained in 3 players, with Camarda widely leading, followed by Vecchi and I was the short. But I resisted. I smelt a pair of traps and I did some good folds, better few chips than out! Then the wind changed, I became more aggressive, Camarda defeated Vecchi and heads up started; I smelt some big traps and I tryed to change continuosly my game, making difficult for my opponent guessing my hands.

The right situation happened with 7-4 of spades and at flop colour and straight project. Here is the description of Pokerfactor:

The winner of PRO Italian Championship  is Dario De Toffoli!
After Alessandro Vecchi exits in third position, the tournament is decided between Salvatore Camarda and Dario De Toffoli. 
The crucial hand opens with a miniraise at 20K of Salvatore with K5♣, and Dario answers with a call
On board K3♠6♠ Dario open 25K and Salvatore raised to 50K. De Toffoli calls and we arrive at turn: 5. Now Camarda bets 80K and Dario announces the all in. 
Call of Salvatore that shows his two pair. But, De Toffoli with 7♠4♠ catched a straight that results the winner point after the river. 
Camarda stayed with few chips and later he was defeated by Dario after very few hands.


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