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I had given up playing poker because it was too professional for me, too specialized.
Then, in January 2016 - I went to the Casinò La Perla of Nova Goriça during the VI round of the ISOP (Italian Series Of Poker) 2015-2016.
I played and won a side (6-Max) with 103 participants. It has been a revelation.
Here I got to see that poker is not only a job but also fun. The right motivations, serious competions but without too much money, friendly atmosphere, perfect organization and wonderful hospitality. What else could you ask for?
Also the 6-Max formula has been ideal for me. And so every month I took part to the
 ISOP winning another 6-Max in April,  and then winning "surprisingly" the 6-Max Player of the year.

Prize Prize giving to Dario De Toffoli as Player of the Year 6-Max 2016

Vittoria aprile 2016 - 6-Max.jpg Premiazione a Dario De Toffoli Player of the Yaer 6-Max 2016.jpeg

Interview at the ISOP - February 2016

Animated by these successes, I also took part to several events of the final ISOP of May that was giving out 21 different prizes.
I took part to it just to have fun, without any particular ambition, and because I had received some free registrations thanks to my previous victories. I was surprised to get such results and I really had a lot of fun.
I won one second place and two first places.

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Second place behind Dario Massara of Sky and before Daniele Mondini from the Italia Poker Club. It was a lot of fun to play at a TV poker table. Here below you may watch the entire final game, cards and comments start to be active when six players are left.



It begun in a bad way, I had to register again in the first levels, but then, gradually things changed and at the final table my agressive way of playing got its results. 

Over 50.jpg Over 50 - .jpg

Interview after the Over 50 Championship


ISOP pro.jpg ISOP pro - .jpg

Tavolo Finale Pro.jpg
The finalists of the Italian Pro Championship. From the left: Liwei Sun, Dario Massara, Michele Rinaldi, Roberto Sosa (sì, il calciatore), Stefano De Grandis, Francesco Zollo, Dario De Toffoli, Antonello Casilio and Roberto Roberti.

Intervista dopo la vittoria al Campionato PRO

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