In 1992 there wasn't any event called "Giocatore dell'Anno" [Player of the year] yet. But there was the Festival Italiano dei Giochi [Italian game Festival] during the years of its greatest success. Gradara city was invaded by players and gamers of any kind; this 10-days event demonstrated the italian games status, a real source of ideas.

And of course there have been many tournaments, games of any kind (go to the event). There wasn't a real general ranking of all the games, but some  "characters" were definitely standing out, and through acclamation they recieved several special prizes.

Giuseppe Baù has been nominated - by popular will - most eclectic italian player: here below he is playing The aMAZEing Labyrinth and in the other picture he is recieving the prize as winner of the New Puzzle Inventors competition.

Bau labirinto.jpg

Premiazione Bau.jpg

The amazing couple Roberto Cestaro and Barbara Scolaro also have to be mentioned, since they both took part to all the tournaments.  Here below (the two  at the very left of the picture) they are rewarded by Sandro Sorbini, mayor of Gradara.


This was the background, and since 1993 the event has been istitutionalized,  remained a couple years inside the Italian game Festival, and after that it begun to stand on its own legs.
Until now there have been 12 editions.
Since 2001 the competions have been only "German games" with matches between 4 players  (as in the Intergame/European Boardgame Championship) and the Team ranking has been introduced.
The games have changed, the formulas has changed, but the desire to compete having fun has been always the same.


Individual ranking

1992 Giuseppe Baù  (acclamation)

1st 2nd 3rd
1993 Alessandro Castelli Giuseppe Baù Carlo Rizzo
1994 Dario De Toffoli Claudio Borgnino Enrico Colangiuolo
1995 Michele Comerci Dario De Toffoli Andres Voicu
1996 Michele Comerci Dario De Toffoli Claudio Borgnino
1997 Enrico Colangiuolo Michele Comerci Giuseppe Baù
1998 Dario De Toffoli Michele Comerci Pietro Rossi
1999 Michele Comerci Pietro Rossi Dario De Toffoli
2000 Dario De Toffoli Michele Comerci Pietro Rossi
2001 Stefano Luperto Carlo Mazzotti Raimondo Naso
2003 Devan Maggi Dario De Toffoli Giacomo Mearelli
2005 Raimondo Naso Alessandro Bellemo Giacomo Zucchelli
2007 Paolo Molisso Andrea Buldrini Fabio Caldieraro

Team ranking (since 2001)

1st 2nd 3rd
2001 Clodia Ludens
2003 4 Tonni super abili
(varie città)
2005 Giocofollia
Magno Gato
Tibur Ludens
2007 Quintet
Magno Gato
Ludus Iovis Diei