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Great success of the event ESTATEGIOCHI, that took place in Marina di Carrara between the 23 an the 26 of June.  Password: everybody play! A unusual event for the italian scene, that has as its absolute protagonist the world of games in its many different aspects.


The 10.000 m2 of the Carrara exhibition hall became a real oasis of fun: from games for children, to the Nintendo console, virtual reality, until poker, chess, billiards, basketball... There wasn't anything missing in order to have fun and relax: the 20.000 visitors, decreed the complete success of the event.
People had the chance to try the last new boardgames and the playroom, with more than 2.000 boxes available, became a regular appointment for friend groups and families.
Great success also for the computer area: software addicts  could choose among a huge number of computer games and other innnovations.
And how could children be forgotten? There was a specific junior playroom dedicated to them and it was constantly booked.
ESTATEGIOCHI'94 was perfect also for anybody that didn't just wish to play but had also a need of challenges: more than 40 Tournaments have been organized, creating really exciting challenges and crowning a new series of champions.
The Festival presented important news: an entire section dedicated to traditional folk games, like arm wrestling, hula hoop and tug of war, and, for the first time in Italy, the Premio Archimede, for unpublished boardgames.
The fun has been great, but there has been also a time in which one was  induced to think over the ludic world through interesting exhibits and conferences.

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