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Atlantis - Ikarus
During Essen 2011, Amigo will distribute for free Ikarus, the new expansion of  Atlantis by Leo Colovini. Don't miss it!
The same expansion will be distributed for free at the "Spielefest" in Vienna (18-20 November 2011).
There will also be a new edition of the game containing already the expansion.

Atl_Ikarus Set-1.jpg
Atlantis - Ikarus expansion


Aquileia by Cielo d'Oro (winner of Premio Archimede 2010), edited in coproduction by Zoch and 999 Games. Besides its victory, at the Premio Archimede it also won the IDG Special Prize. An important game of optimization of resources that convinced all the members of the international jury. Illustrations/Graphics: Geoffrey Cram, Victor Boden, 3-5 players, age 12+, duration ca. 90 min., Price ca. 30.00 €
Dobbelduel by Leo Colovini, edited by
999 Games. You have to find out the numbers of four coloured dice: you have 7 attempts available at most and every time you must decide how many dice throw.
2 players, age 8+, duration ca. 25 min.
Hol's der Geier by Alex Randolph, edited by Amigo. The intriguing mechanism of simultaneous playing of cards is back through this classic by Alex Randolph. Who will play the right cards at the right time?The game will also have another indipendent publication in Japan with the title Hagetata no ejiki edited by Möbius.
Illustrations/Graphics: Björn Pertoft, 2-5 players, age 8+, duration ca. 20 min., Price ca. 6.99 €
Kalimambo by Antonio Scrittore, edited by Zoch. Finalist of the Premio archimede 2010 (with the title Crazy race). Everybody is in a row, trying to escape from a rhino, and the last one will get the penalty “horns” .
Illustrations/Graphics: Tobias Schweiger, 3-7 players, age 8+, duration ca. 20-30 min., Price ca. 20.00 €
Poker Carré by Dario De Toffoli and Giuseppe Baù, edited by Winning Moves. A new version of the card game Kluges Köpfchen: players have to be really clever to position in the best way their cards in the Poker-Domino scheme that is formed on the table.
 2-4 players, age 8+, duration ca. 15-20 min., Price ca. 9.95 €
Schnapp's by Carlo A. Rossi, edited by Zoch. A bit party, a bit cooperative, surely interactive. It seems easy to name an object... but how to describe it best if there are many very similar versions of it on the table?
Illustrations/Graphics: Christian Fiore, 3-8 players, age 9+, duration ca. 30-45 min., Price ca. 20.00 €
Tuareg by Francesco Berardi, edited by Adlung Spiele. Nomads are busy loading their camels before making the endless journey to the next oasis. Who will be able to arrive with the most valuable resources?
2-5 players, age 10+, duration ca. 20-45 min.
Urbania by Simone Luciani, edited by Mayfair Games. The ideal city is flourishing and the most famous architects have to work to construct new buildings and present new projects.
 Illustrations/Graphics: Franz Vohwinkel, 2-5 players, age 10+, duration ca. 45 min.