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The 1st Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship took place between the 18 and the 20th of April 2008. Marco Montebelli won the first edition of this event that has been organized by studiogiochi (Venice) together with the magazine Focus. The challenges have been conducted by Dario Zaccariotto.

The challenge lasted more than 6 hours and was divided in four different parts: Sudoku & Friends (14 "grid" games, from the well known Sudoku and Kakuro to the very new Sommario), Words & Crosses, Numbers & Logic, Memory and Observation. The ending of the competition was predictable: Marco Montebelli didn't even have to wait for the last challenge, since he did so well in the first three. The recent Italian Sudoku Champion Gabriele Simionato did also very well, finishing in just 90 minutes the Sudoku & Friends challenge without any mistakes: Montebelli was able to finish it using all of the given time, in two and a half hours! The Sudoku & Friends challenge saw also a very good fourth place: the young Tiziano Berlanda from Cavalese.

Besides the championship of Cavalese, there has been also the first open "Trova le mine" (Minesweeper) Championship, the game published by Clementoni in which two players try to find the explosives in the opponents' field: Gabriele Simionato won against Daniele Ferri, who represented Italy in the last Rummikub World Championship.

It has been a pleasant weekend, an occasion to meet other people passionate about brainteasers and puzzles, people working for the magazine Focus and its wonderful president Mauro Gaffo.

Thank you to everybody that took part in the realization of this event.

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