After the 1993 experiment of the 1st (and unique) Scrabble World Championship in italian language, between 1995 and 1998 the company Mattel purchased the brand Scrabble and wanted the italian players to know and appreciate the game, whose italian "clone" arrived in Italy before the original game conquered the market.
A "Scrabble project" we could say.
First the two magazine promotions, Corriere della Sera and Panorama, two long competitions with many prizes.
And then the 1st unforgettable National Championship with the final on TV, during the TV program Quelli che il calcio (see video below).
And the magazine Scrabble News.
And the 2nd National Championship.
Then the full rewrite of the rules and the grounding of the Scrabble Club, that for several years gathered together the best italian players.

The present story of Scrabble in Italy is all in the Federazione Italiana Gioco Scrabble's hands, founded in 2007, that is making a great job both in a technical and in a promotional way.