On board and on paper: the common denominator is "wordgames".

On one side Editrice Giochi, important italian company of the games area, holder of popluar italian wordgames brands like "Paroliere" and "Scarabeo".
On the other side Domenica Quiz, the weekly puzzles magazine, since always addressed to demanding solvers and experts.

From this unusual - but logical - union, in 1985 derived this original championship - created by studiogiochi and directed by Dario De Toffoli together with Dario Zaccariotto and Francesco Valente - who gathered together the best crossword puzzles solvers and  the best boardgames experts. Besides discovering that the two categories somehow coincide.

And look who has become champion of the championship, the very same Luciano Bassetti who in 1981 won the Italian Scarabeo Champioship, in the memorable final in Milan.

And it was not easy for him. The selections on the magazine Domenica Quiz went on for 16 weeks and the 12 finalists played one against the other during Novemer in Milan, with very difficult challenges.

On the top left of the page you may download the Poster, Depliant and the first three numbers of Domenica Quiz with the selections.