The game Gioco di Nala, by Furio Honsell, Paolo Munini and Flavio Rigo, Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo at the Premio Archimede 2012, is becoming a real animation tool.
Children as well as adults are attracted to it and want to play it.
Basically one has to guess the amount of marbles are thrown on the board: the "protesters" have to say a higher number compared to the real one, the "policemen" a lower number. The winner is hoever guesses the closest... staying in its field.

Il gioco di Nala.jpg

A sweet version has been proposed by Dario Zaccariotto during the recent Festa del Torrone 2012: the sweets were used instead of the marbles.
The Gioco di Nala has been requested also as evening pastime at a Congress of the association UISP; many people played at it and there has been a small tournament with a winner: Ideo Montanari won against the UISP president Erasmo Lesignoli. In the very last manche, Montanari declared in a few seconds as a "protester" 215 marbles, that at the end have been counted as 211. Very close and on the right side: well done Ideo, 1st UISP Champion of Nala!
In other words I am more and more convinced that I made the right choise to assign to this game the Izzo Prize (this is a Prize I assign personally, a way to remember Sebastiano, choosing a game that in my opinion he would have liked playing): I am sure that we would have had a lot of fun playing this game together!
And it pleased me very much to realize that Sebastiano hasn't been frgotten by the world of games. At the very same Congress of the UISP association, Alessandro Pompa made a touching speech remembering him with great respect and admiration, since the 80's, when he was working for Arci - Unione Giochi and at the legendary magazine Contromossa. Thank you Alessandro!

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Detail of an article taken from the magazine Focus n. 242 (December 2012)