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The 3rd Italian Game Festival was a great success besides any expectation. It took place in the medieval city of GRADARA (PS) between the 18 and 27 of September 1992, during the series of events of the Gradara Ludens project.


The entire city, with its beautiful medieval squares, streets and palaces, was the perfect setting for the event, and the slogan of the Gradara Ludens project became reality: games, simulations, imagination among ancient walls and new trends.

The estimation of visitors counted 15.000 people that took part in it. They arrived from many different regions of Italy, as the hometowns of the  tournament winners can witness.

The city of Gradara was confirmed as a point of reference in Italy for all those people that deal with ludic culture and games: boardgames, strategy games, word games, RPG, silumation games, luck games, family games, skill games, card games, computer games, tv games, new games, ancient games, unknown games, games to be collected, games for the crowd, memory games, forgotten games, classic games… and many other games.

The Italian Game Festival has been also a great opportunity to socialize: this meeting with The Mind Games involved not only specialized people, that could play in specilized challanges, but also kids, adults, families, children, elderly people. Everybody found his game and his space.

Consequence of all this has been the great success of the playroom: more than 4.000 loans and this means that about 10.000 people sat around tables just for the fun of playing a game. During rush hours all the empty spots were filled up with people, even the lawn outside the playroom.

More than 1.000 children coming from the neighboring schools visited the Festival and another 5.000 took part in it, directly in their classes, at the school Memory Tournament.

The computer section gained space through the electronic game room, the telematic show-room, the presentation of SYNCRO by Marco Danè and the high demanded virtual reality with a flight simulation.

Many cultural spaces have been organized such as conferences, round tables, meetings, exhibitions, discussions and presentations.

Niente da dichiarare (Ravensburger), an original variation of Memory with a gameboard, won the GIOCO DELL’ANNO 1992 (Game of the year 1992). It has been decided by a jury whose President was Giampaolo Dossena.

Alex Randolph, the gret american game inventor that is living in Venice since twenty years, has been awarded with the Prize Gradara Ludens.

Many the competitive events, challenges of any kind, among them many italian championships: Dungeons & Dragon, Go, Il Richiamo di Cthulhu, Mah-Jong, Memory, Othello, Paroliamo.

Through acclamation the Cartello di Gradara has been founded, a union of all the associations that deal with games and players  in Italy: an important step for the development of ludic culture in Italy.

At the end, the joyful prize giving of the Tournaments conducted by Marco Danè.


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