16-17 aprile 2016: Dario De Toffoli, Umberto Rosin and Daniele Tascini will take part to the National meeting for game authors, presenting the Premio Archimede 2016.

April 14 2016: here we are! The complete list of our Premio Archimede 2016 jury members! We are happy and proud to get every year more attention.

April 2016: Dario De Toffoli on italiapokerclub indicates the 3 (+1) ideal boardgames for poker players.

April 2016: the first reviews and comments on  Leo - muss zum Friseur (Abacus Spiele), the new exciting game by Leo Colovini

April 2016: many reviews for Imhotep (Kosmos), the game by Phil Harding, second place at the 2010 Edition of the Premio Archiemde.

April 2016: during the course held for animators, that will take place in Udine from April 11 to 13 organized by "Ali per Giocare" and the toy library of te city, we will talk about boardgames.

April 2 - 3 2016: Playful totem scattered around Modena, one of the many brilliant ideas of the Play 2016 organizers. And we are part of it!

April 2 - 3 2016: at Modena Play the always very crowded Casa Europa area.

April 2016: the italian edition (Ares Games) of Odyssey, the game by Leo Colovini is in the stores.

During the event Play 2016 (Modena, Aprile 2-3) on April the 3rd, Dario De Toffoli and Leo Colovini will present the 2016 Edition of the Premio Archimede.

March 2016: Leo - muss zum Friseur (Abacus Spiele), the new exciting game by Leo Colovini is in the stores!

March 2016: Cacao - Chocolatl (Abacus Spiele), the expansion of the previous boardgame by Phil Harding, 3rd place at the Premio Archimede 2010, is in the stores!.

March 16 2016: Udine, Pi Greco day: Mayor Furio Honsell presents with enthusiasm the magazine Logika to Piergiorgio Odifreddi

March 2016: Sator arepo tenet opera rotas - Malleus Maleficarum (Scribabs), (the expansion of the game "The muddle maze" by Enrico Pesce and Federica Rinaldi), finalist of the Premio Archimede 2006, is in the stores.

March 2016: Pacal's Rocket, the boardgame by Günter Burkhardt published by Piatnik is in the stores! studiogiochi has taken care of its developement, the rules, the setting, the title, the graphics.

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