May 2016: nomination for the brilliant game by Leo Colovini Leo muss zum Friseur (Abacus Spiele) at the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2016 together with Mmm! (Pegasus Spiele) by Reiner Knizia and Stone Age Junior (Hans im Glück) by Marco Teubner!

May 2016: three new editions for the fantastic game by Leo Colovini, nomination at the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2016: Leo - muss zum Friseur: the Italian edition (DaVinci), the Chinese edition (GoKids), and the POlish edition (G3)!

May 2016: the Chinese edition (GoKids) of Ab in die Tonne, the game by Carlo A. Rossi is in the stores.

May 2016: the Spanish edition (Gen X Kids) of Der Schatz von Castellina, the game by Carlo A. Rossi is in the stores.

May 13 2016, Formigine (MO): What game are we playing? A lesson-show to prevent compulsive gambling, organized by Play Res, with the participation of Dario De Toffoli.

May 9 2016: The Finals of the Maths Event Kangourou. Dario De Toffoli presented the magazines Mate and Logika and spoke a bit about Mental Calculation, also suggesting a challenge…

May 4th 2016: Today Andrea Angiolino spoke about Alex Randolph on Wikiradio - Radio3

May 2016: the Prize is recognized by GioNa (Associazione Nazionale delle Città in Gioco) and by UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti), for its social and cultural value; Furio Honsell, GioNa Presidente and Mayor of the city of Udine will join the Event.  

May 2016: it is official, the final ceremony of the Premio Archimede will take place on October 1st, at the San Leonardo Hall in Venice, thanks to the collaboration and support of the Municipality of Venice-Murano-Burano.

May 2016: Think Str8, the game by Leo Colovini, published by Huch & friends, is among the nominated games for the MinD Spielepreis 2017!

Aprile 21-25 2016: the 16th "Città di Jesolo" Tournament has taken place with some good results of the studiogiochi team and backgammon fellows [...]

April 2016: Dario Zaccariotto has been reconfirmed consuelor of the national organization CNB (Circuito Nazionale Backgammon) and collaborated with Alfonso Sara and Cesare Nanti for the organization of the 16th Tournament "Città di Jesolo".

April 17 2016: ISOP (Italian Series Of Poker) 2015-2016 DDT wins the 6-max in Nova Gorica and reaches the top of the ranking: one more challange left to get to the proclamation of the "Players of the year".

April 2016: the english edition (Kosmos) of Imhotep - Builder of Egypt, the game by Phil Harding, second place at the 2010 Edition of the Premio Archimede, is in the stores.

16-17 aprile 2016: Dario De Toffoli, Umberto Rosin and Daniele Tascini will take part to the National meeting for game authors, presenting the Premio Archimede 2016.

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