October 2016: 11 the new editions that came out this month for Imhotep - Builder of Egypt, the game by Phil Harding, that got a second place in 2010 at the Premio Archimede: Giochi Uniti (IT) - Devir (ES) - Galakta (PL) - Spilbraet (DK) - Braedspel (SWE) - Lautapelit (FI) - Vennerod Forlag (NOR) - Varunas (RO) - Piatnik (HU) - White Goblin Games (HO) - Arclight Games (JP).

October 2016: Picassino, the new fun game by Carlo A. Rossi, published by Haba in two bilingual editions (English-German and French-Dutch), is in the stores.

October 2016: the Playlist with the 7 videos of the final ceremony of the Premio Archimede 2016 is online.

September 2016: click here to watch the 20 little interviews that we improvized during the Premio Archimede.

October 2016: The Premio Archimede 2016 has been won by the game Tergste by Eric Orel!  Second place to Monster Evolution by Guido Albini. Third place to Heinrich IV by Christian Scheibner. In the next days pictures, videos and comments about the Final Day.

September 2016: Freaky (Amigo), the new card game by Leo Colovini is in the stores!

The schedule of the "Casino Campione Challenge" is online. The CCC will take place in 2017 from January 27 to 29 and is organized by studiogiochi in collaboration with CNB (Circuito Nazionale Backgammon) and WBA (World backgammon Association). The participation fee is reasonable and the atmosphere very friendly (although strict in its rules): we are all looking forward to play with old and new backgammon friends!

September 2016: an year from Marco Polo's victory, another double success for studiogiochi: Leo muss rum Friseur wins the Deutschen KinderspielePreises and Imhotep gets the 8th place of the Deutschen SpielePreises. The Deutschen Spiele Preises is the most important prize for boardgames worldwide where the customers vote.

September 2016: the program of the final ceremony of the Premio Archimede 2016 is online. The Event will take place on October 1st at the San Leonardo Hall of Venice.

September 2016: finally here the long-list of the 84 games (with photos) of the Premio Archimede 2016 that have been selected for the final competition, that will take place on October 1st in Venice.

August 2016: the Mind Sports Olympiad 2016 Chronicles by Dario De Toffoli are online!

August 2016: on Saturday September the 3rd, at 12:00, at the "Ludoteca Comunale" in the city of Udine, during the "IdeaG nord-est" Event, the long-list of the games of the Premio Archimede 2016 will be announced. Among the 164 participants, only about sixty games will have access to the final. There have been difficult decisions to take: some very good games will have to be left out. 

Summer 2016: check out the flood of all our puzzles and brainteasers magazines coming out during this summer!

A new Backgammon appointment at the Campione Casino, 2017 January 27-29. The Tournament is organized by studiogiochi in collaboration with CNB and WBA.

July 2016: on July the 18th in Berlin the Spiel des Jahres 2016 has been won by Codenames by Vlaada Chvátilil. Among the three nominated games Imhotep (Kosmos), the game by Phil Walker-Harding, second place at the Premio Archimede 2010 (as Builders of Egypt). We are proud of this new success of another one of the Premio Archimede participants.

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