February 2017: the German website reviewed the game Crazy race by Alex Zucchini, published by Ravensburger.

February 2017: the Deutsche Bahn magazine publishes an interview to Klaus Teuber (the author of Settlers of Catan) who recommends three games. Among them our Leo - muss zum Friseur. The Teuber selection concerns not only the games of 2016, as a matter of fact, Bausack was created in 1992. 

January 2017: the German player Julian Becker wins the first "Casino Campione Challenge" International Backgammon Tournament, beating in a tense final the Russian player Nodar Gagua.

January 2017: Crazy race (Ravensburger), the new game by Alessandro Zucchini is in the stores!

January 2017: Rete Due of the Swiss Rasio interviewed Dario De Toffoli on the world of games. You may listen to it going to minute 8:30 of the audio track. 

January 2017: after the success of the 2016 experiment, we are organizing together with Kangourou Italia a national challenge of mental calculation that will take place in May 2017. You may already exercise with the tests online.

January 2017: The newspaper Il Gazzettino (January 5) published an article about the "escape room", with comments by Dario De Toffoli.

December 2016: Dungeon Time (Ares Games), the new game by Carlo A. Rossi is in the stores!

December 2016: the blogspot "educereludendo" wrote a nice review on our old game Dummy.

December 2016: a new edition of the game Sieben auf einen Streich by Leo Colovini and Fabio Visintin is in the stores: Forest, published by Helvetiq.

December 2016: Matterhorn, the new game by Leo Colovini, published by Helvetiq, is in the stores!

December 1st 2016: our Dario Zaccariotto took part to "Siamo Noi" the TV2000 show, talking about the history of cross word puzzles.

November 2016: The mysterious forest (iello), the new game by Carlo A. Rossi is in the stores!

November 2016: the Dutch edition (999Games) of Absacker (Afzakker), the new version of Dummy by Leo Colovini and Dario De Toffoli is in the stores!

October 2016: An exclusive interview to the games expert Dario De Toffoli for PlayerNews24. Dario presents the Playoff of the Backgammon Challenge… and much more!

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