March 2017: The new edition of Numeri will be presented at PLAY Festival (Modena, April 1st 2017).

March 2017: The Mysterious Forest gets silver prize at European Product Design Award 2017.

March 2017: the official date and the schedule of the Mind Sports Olympiad are online.

March 2017: Studiogiochi will take part at PLAY Festival (Modena, March 31st - April 2nd 2017).
Dario De Toffoli will give a speech at the conference "Nati per giocare" (Born to play) which will explore the role of Gaming as prevention of Gambling disorder.

March 10th 2017: also this year studiogiochi takes part to the Pi Greco Day, thistime presenting the new book Numeri.

February 2017: the Polish edition (Wydawnictwo nasza księgarnia) of Cartagena (Wielka ucieczka), the game by Leo Colovini is in the stores.

February 2017: the edition produced by studiogiochi an released by 7 different publishers in 12 different languages of Cartagena, the popular game by Leo Colovini, is in the stores, in a completely new graphic version. The punlishers: Piatnik (Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, German), Giochi Uniti (Italian), Rio Grande (English), White Goblin Games (Dutch), Devir (Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan), Swan Panasia Games (Chinese), Arclight Games (Japanese).

February 2017: the new Kangourou edition, with many new contents, is in the stores!!! This book is also distributed by Oliphante

On February 15th, in Modena, Dario De Toffoli talked about Gambling at the course of Games and Philosophy [...]

Februrary 2017: a new Romanian ( edition for the fantastic game by Leo Colovini, Leo - muss zum Friseur, is in the stores!

February 2017: the German website reviewed the game Crazy race by Alex Zucchini, published by Ravensburger.

February 2017: the Deutsche Bahn magazine publishes an interview to Klaus Teuber (the author of Settlers of Catan) who recommends three games. Among them our Leo - muss zum Friseur. The Teuber selection concerns not only the games of 2016, as a matter of fact, Bausack was created in 1992. 

January 2017: the German player Julian Becker wins the first "Casino Campione Challenge" International Backgammon Tournament, beating in a tense final the Russian player Nodar Gagua.

January 2017: Crazy race (Ravensburger), the new game by Alessandro Zucchini is in the stores!

January 2017: Rete Due of the Swiss Rasio interviewed Dario De Toffoli on the world of games. You may listen to it going to minute 8:30 of the audio track. 

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