March 2010: Cornucopia, a new game by Carlo A. Rossi and Lorenzo Tarabini and published by Griphon Games is now in the stores!

February 2010: Turi Tour, a new game by Alex Zucchini is now in the stores!

The notice of competition of the 3rd Focus Brain Trainer "Live" Championship is online!

The final of the Premo Archimede 2010 will be on the 2nd of October 2010 at the University Insitute for Architecture of Venice


Coming soon: the new game by Carlo A. Rossi, Extrem Memo! A completely new mechanism used in the most classic memory game.

January 2010: Horseland, a new game by Leo Colovini is now in the stores!

The interview to Dario De Toffoli is available on the webpage "Centro studi scacchistici Turing Duchamp".

Poker books are becoming best sellers among the books about games in the online stores...

The episode of the TV "Poker Sportivo" Show, in which Dario De Toffoli talks about poker, is online!

Nomination for Dario De Toffoli (best technical article) at the Italian Poker Awards!

The notice of competition of the PREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2010, concerning the invention of board games, is finally online!

December 2009: the Portuguese edition of Il grande libro del Poker is now in the book stores!

Studiogiochi took part to the "Festa del Torrone" in Cremona, this year dedicated to games, with a series of events...

November 2009: Il grande libro degli scacchi by Dario De Toffoli and Leo Colovini is in the book store! Different from any other book about chess, it attracts whoever takes it in his hands, offering the first technical instruments to go over the occasional player's level.

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