Premio Archimede, together with IDG is happy to announce to the game authors that, starting already from this edition, there will be another important prize: the IDG trophy!

June 2010: the italian edition (Stupor Mundi) of Atlantis, a game by Leo Colovini is in the stores!

The french online magazine Whiteflag n.6 is completely dedicated to Atlantis, the game by Leo Colovini!

For the second consecutive year, again in collaboration with Selecta, studiogiochi places one of its gamesamong the nominations of the Kinder Spiel des Jahres. Congratulations to its author, Alessandro Zucchini!

Spielbox online publishes the results of a opinion poll among players. There is a discrepancy between the people and the jury opinions. It is a little sad that our Atlantis (4th place among the readers opinions) and Vasco de Gama di Paolo Mori (5th) have been left out from the nominations of the Spiel des Jahres.
Concerning the prize for children games, the readers opinion was correct for 2 games out of 5, among them Turi Tour by our Alex Zucchini.
The complete ranking on (section Nominierungslisten: So wurde beim Spiel des Jahres Toto getippt)

The boardgame Egizia is the cover of the Spielbox magazine number of April-May!

The puzzles for the Final of the 3rd Focus Brain Trainer Live Chmpionship are online!

"Family games - The 100 Best" is in the stores! 100 famous game authors write about 100 famous games. Among the italians, besides Leo Colovini, there are Andrea Angiolino, Alessio Cavatore and Emiliano Sciarra. Colovini writes about Twixt, the beloved "creature" of Alex Randolph.

Jokonline, the magazine about Poker, and other games, is in the stores! In the first number Dario De Toffoli writes a column about "Arithmetics and probabilities" and holds a course about Texas Hold'em.

The interview of Dario De Toffoli of the 17th of March for Radio 2 during the programm "Effetto notte"

Tocatì - Verona, september 2009
The audio files about the conference are online: Many friends of Giampaolo Dossena met to remember him. On the same page you will find the video shown by Dario De Toffoli. It is a small part of a speech held by Giampaolo Dossena at the 1° Festival Italiano dei Giochi (Lido di Venezia - 1990). This section is available only in italian.

Play - Modena, marzo 2010
The video shown by Dario
De Toffoli during the conference "Il ruolo del gioco nella cultura" is online. It is part of a speech held by Alex Randolph at the SIGIS conference "Seminario Internazionale Giochi e Simulazione" 1985, Venice. This section is available only in italian.

Festa del Torrone - Cremona, novembre 2009
During the 2009 edition (November 20-22) of the "Festa del Torrone", the city of Cremona payed a tribute to its fellow citizen Giampaolo Dossena and his outstanding  Enciclopedia dei Giochi. The three videos shown by Dario De Toffoli during the conference are online.
This section is available only in italian.

The section about the conferences is finally online!

The pictures of the 3rd Focus Brain Trainer Live Championship are finally online!

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