August 25, 2010
Here in London all the scheduled Tournaments are held.

August 22, 2010
The old guard (the writer) is too old, and during the first two days (...)

2010, August 17th: during a press conference in Vienna, the Wiener Spiele Akademie assigned the prestigious Austrian prize Spiel der Spiele 2010 (Game of the games) to Atlantis by Leo Colovini, edited by Amigo.

We have a new record of registered games at the Premio Archimede 2010! The 141 prototypes of this year, coming mostly from Italy, but also from the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain,  Australia, beat the 2004 edition record of 137 games!

August 2010: the greek edition (Kaissa) of Worm up!, a game by Alex Randolph, is in the stores!

August 2010: for the 25th Anniversary of its first pubblication, Code 777, a classic game by Alex Randolph based on a Robert Abbott idea, is back. The american edition by Stronghold mantains its original name, the europea by King International changes the name in  Tricoda.

Between 21 - 30 August, at the Soho Theater, London.
Dario De Toffoli, Pentamind World Champion 2002, will join the Olympiad, representing Italy.

The Deutscher Spiele Preis, second only to the Spiel des Jahres, is  a prize assigned by the people. We reccomend you to vote for the italian games! They are so many; ours are:  Atlantis, Donna Leon - Gefaerliches spiel, Egizia, Frutti di mare, Bacchus, Cornucopia; for the Kinderspiele Turi Tour e Extrem Memo.

Campos, a new game by Pietro Vozzolo, published by Huch&Friends is announced!

Poker as a model for decisions to be taken in a competitive environment. We talked about it on the 8th of July 2010 at the API of Mantova (...)

16° Festival di Giochi e Cultura Matematica
Caldé (VA), 22-25 July 2010
studiogiochi participates organizing "Oltre il Sudoku", a brainteaser challange (7/23 05:45 p.m). Referee: Pierdante Lanzavecchia.

Premio Archimede, together with IDG is happy to announce to the game authors that, starting already from this edition, there will be another important prize: the IDG trophy!

June 2010: the italian edition (Stupor Mundi) of Atlantis, a game by Leo Colovini is in the stores!

The french online magazine Whiteflag n.6 is completely dedicated to Atlantis, the game by Leo Colovini!

For the second consecutive year, again in collaboration with Selecta, studiogiochi places one of its gamesamong the nominations of the Kinder Spiel des Jahres. Congratulations to its author, Alessandro Zucchini!

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