The Game Point Library, August 20, 2011

July 2011: Dernier, the traditional card game published by studiogiochi and distributed by ITA through the brand Juegos, is in the stores in its original version!

The Notice of Competition 2012 is on-line!

The new number of Tangram, the ludic culture magazine, contains an intervention by Dario De Toffoli about the interpretation of a game, recently presented in Modena during Play 2011.

June 2011: Poker Carrè, the game by Dario De Toffoli and Giuseppe Baù, published by Winning Moves  is in the stores!

The classic pirates boardgame, winner of many international awards, now for IPhone and IPad!
This version has been realized by Giovanni Capobianco in collaboration with Milagro adv and Ludotech, with the direct supervision of the game author Leo Colovini, the collaboration of the entire studiogiochi creative team and with the support of Winning Moves.

May 2011: the multilanguage edition (Zoch) of Mord im Arosa, a game by Alex Zucchini, is in the stores!

Draco, a game by Leo Colovini published by Schmidt Spiele has been nominated as best graphics for a family board game by the graphics prize GRAF LUDO 2011. During this coming Fall the results.

April 2011: Il grande libro del Blackjack by Dario De Toffoli and Margherita Bonaldi, published by Sperling & Kupfer is in the stores! Rules, mathematics and strategies to master the art of one of the most famous games in the world. Moreover Roulette, Craps, Baccarà, Trente et quarante... the green table is waiting for you!

April 2011: the dutch edition (999 games) of Atlantis, a game by Leo Colovini, is in the stores!

Aprile 2011: Carta Mundi produced 1000 copies of Drop Site by Dennis Hoyle (USA), the best card game presented at Archimede 2010. The graphics is by ScriBabs.

Discover GAMES as a new and successful communication tool! The section about promotional games is online.

The past editions of the event "Giocatore dell'anno" (Player of the year) are online.

The 15th MSO (Mind Sport Olympiad) is coming Central London 20-28 August 2011!

February 2011: Geizen, a game by Leo Colovini published by Schmidt Spiele is in the stores!

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