The reports from the event and some pictures are online.

October 2011: Het huis Anubis by Leo Colovini: a collectible card game based on the world famous Nickelodeon TV series, realized by cartamundi in collaboration with studiogiochi as loyalty campaign for a chain of supermarkts.

The SAZ (Spiel Autoren Zunft) is the international association for game authors. It recently launched a campaign for the recognition of the role of game authors.

Genova - Festival della Scienza - 21 Oct./2 Nov. 2011
Quantum Race, the game by Fabio Chiarello, winner of the Special Prize Focus Brain Trainer at the Premio Archiemde 2010  is presented in a "live" version!

October 2011: the publisher Amigo will distribute for free the expansion of the boardgame Atlantis Ikarus at Essen 2011 and at the Spielefest of Vienna! Don't miss it!

Already 8 the new boardgames licensed by studiogiochi announced until now at Spiel'11 (Essen, 20-23 October 2011)!

LONDON - University of London Union - 20-28 August 2011
All the live chronicles

August 16, 2011: the Wiener Spiele Akademie announced the winners of the Spiel der Spiele 2011. Among the "Hit" family games Mord im Arosa by Alex Zucchini, published by Zoch.

The Game Point Library, August 20, 2011

July 2011: Dernier, the traditional card game published by studiogiochi and distributed by ITA through the brand Juegos, is in the stores in its original version!

The Notice of Competition 2012 is on-line!

The new number of Tangram, the ludic culture magazine, contains an intervention by Dario De Toffoli about the interpretation of a game, recently presented in Modena during Play 2011.

June 2011: Poker Carrè, the game by Dario De Toffoli and Giuseppe Baù, published by Winning Moves  is in the stores!

The classic pirates boardgame, winner of many international awards, now for IPhone and IPad!
This version has been realized by Giovanni Capobianco in collaboration with Milagro adv and Ludotech, with the direct supervision of the game author Leo Colovini, the collaboration of the entire studiogiochi creative team and with the support of Winning Moves.

May 2011: the multilanguage edition (Zoch) of Mord im Arosa, a game by Alex Zucchini, is in the stores!

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