April 2012: three new editions of Hol's der Geier, a classic game by Alex Randolph are in the stores: Hagetata no ejiki (Möbius, Japan), Stupide Vautour  (Gigamic, France) and Stop de Gier! (Asmodee, Belgium-Holland).

In memory of the great writer Antonio Tabucchi, recently deceased, a headword from the Enciclopedia dei Giochi, ispired to his La testa perduta di Damasceno Monteiro.

Today started Dario De Toffoli's Blog on the newspaper FattoQuotidiano website. The first post is about an often and very discussed issue: the gamble.

March 2012: Fantasmi, the classic game by the great Alex Randolph, in a new edition by Oliphante, is in the stores! 


Studiogiochi will be at PLAY (Modena, March 24-25 2012) with an information stand about the Premio Archimede 2012.

MArch 2012: Witches of Blackmore, the game by Leo Colovini, published by White Goblin Games is in the stores!

Cartagena - *** PIRATE EDITION ***

We just discovered a pirate Russian edition of Cartagena (Leo Colovini)! The plagiarist pirates of the Ranok Creative fooled the Cartagena's pirates, copying the mechanism and the components of the original game!

February 2012: Drop Site, the game by Dennis B. Hoyle, published by Gordion  is in the stores!

February 2012: Grisbi, the game by Carlo A. Rossi, published by Gordion  is in the stores!

Among the old videos we found one of 1994 in which Sebastiano Izzo presents on channel RAI 3 the "Festival Italiano dei Giochi"!

In the Culture section of the newspaper Gazzettino today there was an article about games, studiogiochi and di Dario De Toffoli.

The reports from the event and some pictures are online.

October 2011: Het huis Anubis by Leo Colovini: a collectible card game based on the world famous Nickelodeon TV series, realized by cartamundi in collaboration with studiogiochi as loyalty campaign for a chain of supermarkts.

The SAZ (Spiel Autoren Zunft) is the international association for game authors. It recently launched a campaign for the recognition of the role of game authors.

Genova - Festival della Scienza - 21 Oct./2 Nov. 2011
Quantum Race, the game by Fabio Chiarello, winner of the Special Prize Focus Brain Trainer at the Premio Archiemde 2010  is presented in a "live" version!

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