It is online: a video (made by the Deutsches Spielearchiv Nürnberg) with a series of interviews to different personalities of the world of boardgames (among them Dario De toffoli)  that talk about the great Alex Randolph. 


A la manière de..., the French new edition (La Haute Roche) of Plagio, the game by Antonio Lupica, is in the stores! 


Studiogiochi takes part to the "Giornata Mondiale del Gioco" (World day of game), that will take place on Saturday, May 26th 2012.


Kalimambo (Zoch) by Antonio Scrittore (finalist at the Premio Archimede 2010) has been selected among the adviced games (Empfehlungsliste) of the Spiel des Jahres 2012. 


May 2012: Ares Games announces its debut in the category of the European-style boardgames with the game Aztlán, created by Italian Leo Colovini! The game will be released at the end of year 2012.

UAAR presents “La ragione in gioco" which will take place on April the 17th at 5.30 pm in campo Margherita, Venice. 

April 2012: the russian edition of Cartagena (Hobby World), one of the most important games by Leo Colovini, is in the stores!

The Deutsches Spielarchiv, today part of the museums circuit of Nürnberg celebrates Alex Randolph's 90th Birthday with an exhibition about the great master's boardgames and creations.

For the first time, Mensa Switzerland awards the game prize «Mensa Preference» for the best game released in the last year. The six finalists will compete for the prize on April 21st 2012 at the Fête du Jeu in Saxon. Among the chosen games Aquileia by Cielo D'Oro.

April 2012: three new editions of Hol's der Geier, a classic game by Alex Randolph are in the stores: Hagetata no ejiki (Möbius, Japan), Stupide Vautour  (Gigamic, France) and Stop de Gier! (Asmodee, Belgium-Holland).

In memory of the great writer Antonio Tabucchi, recently deceased, a headword from the Enciclopedia dei Giochi, ispired to his La testa perduta di Damasceno Monteiro.

Today started Dario De Toffoli's Blog on the newspaper FattoQuotidiano website. The first post is about an often and very discussed issue: the gamble.

March 2012: Fantasmi, the classic game by the great Alex Randolph, in a new edition by Oliphante, is in the stores! 


Studiogiochi will be at PLAY (Modena, March 24-25 2012) with an information stand about the Premio Archimede 2012.

MArch 2012: Witches of Blackmore, the game by Leo Colovini, published by White Goblin Games is in the stores!

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