May 2017: The first edition of Hab&Gut came out in China, the exciting board game, in which rising industrial barons attempt to profit by skilfully trading shares of important wares to increase their wealth.

May 2017: Also ThunderGryph is among game publishers that are supporting Premio Archimede 2018!

May 2018: Odyssey by Leo Colovini has been nominated for Mensa Spielepreis 2018!

May 2017: The 1st Italian Challenge of Mental Calculation, organized by Dario De Toffoli together with Kangourou Italia, took place in Cervia.

May 2017: Also Pegasus is among game publishers that are supporting Premio Archimede 2018!

For "Tana dei Goblin", an article by Dario De Toffoli about mathematics in board games.

April 27th-May 1st 2017: Our Dario Zaccariotto, National Adviser of CNB (Circuito Nazionale Backgammon), organized and supervised, together with Alfonso Sara and Cesare Nanti, the 17° Backgammon Tournament Città di Jesolo. 120 participants for a real celebration of backgammon!

April 2017: Two more publishers are now supporting Premio Archimede 2018: Kosmos and Queen games!

April 2017: tender notice and participation form to the next edition of Premio Archimede are now online!

April 2017: It's official, mental calculation competion will take place in Cervia on May 7th and 8th!

April 2017: Francesca Corrado is the new director of GioNa

March 2017: The new edition of Numeri will be presented at PLAY Festival (Modena, April 1st 2017).

March 2017: The Mysterious Forest gets silver prize at European Product Design Award 2017.

March 2017: the official date and the schedule of the Mind Sports Olympiad are online.

March 2017: Studiogiochi will take part at PLAY Festival (Modena, March 31st - April 2nd 2017).
Dario De Toffoli will give a speech at the conference "Nati per giocare" (Born to play) which will explore the role of Gaming as prevention of Gambling disorder.

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