June 2017: The first number of Reazione a catena came out, the weekly magazine of RAI 1. Go to the newsstands. Games and texts realized by studiogiochi! Enjoy your summer! All the games of TV program... and much more entertainment!

June 2017: continues the success of "Il grande libro del Poker" by Dario De Toffoli. Published the second edition in Portuguese language, edited by "Arte plural edicoes".

June 2017: Tabletop gaming interviews Dario De Toffoli

June 2017: eighth nomination for studiogiochi at Spiel des Jahres, with the brilliant game Der Mysteriöse Waldby Carlo A. Rossi.  The Kinderspiel des Jahres 2017 has been awarded to Ice Cool by Brian Gomez!

May 2017: The first edition of Hab&Gut came out in China, the exciting board game, in which rising industrial barons attempt to profit by skilfully trading shares of important wares to increase their wealth.

May 2017: Also ThunderGryph is among game publishers that are supporting Premio Archimede 2018!

May 2018: Odyssey by Leo Colovini has been nominated for Mensa Spielepreis 2018!

May 2017: The 1st Italian Challenge of Mental Calculation, organized by Dario De Toffoli together with Kangourou Italia, took place in Cervia.

May 2017: Also Pegasus is among game publishers that are supporting Premio Archimede 2018!

For "Tana dei Goblin", an article by Dario De Toffoli about mathematics in board games.

April 27th-May 1st 2017: Our Dario Zaccariotto, National Adviser of CNB (Circuito Nazionale Backgammon), organized and supervised, together with Alfonso Sara and Cesare Nanti, the 17° Backgammon Tournament Città di Jesolo. 120 participants for a real celebration of backgammon!

April 2017: Two more publishers are now supporting Premio Archimede 2018: Kosmos and Queen games!

April 2017: tender notice and participation form to the next edition of Premio Archimede are now online!

April 2017: It's official, mental calculation competion will take place in Cervia on May 7th and 8th!

April 2017: Francesca Corrado is the new director of GioNa

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