March 2013: The Dutch edition (999games) of Aquileia, a game by Cielo d'Oro, is in the stores!

February 2013: the Bulgarian edition (Fantasmagoria) of Atlantis, a game by Leo Colovini, is in the stores!

Renato de Rosa publishes the hilarious Variante del pollo (Mursia). 32 apocryphal writings, in each of which, in the style of 32 different writers (more and less great), he tries to explain why the chicken crossed the road.

GioNa, the National Association for the Playing Cities, celebrates its 10 years in the city of Gradara, where it came to life. On January 11 and 12, 2013 there was a two days event dedicated to games...

January 2013: Castles, the game by Harald Bilz and Marco Pozzi, published by Heidelberger Spieleverlag for the German edition and Post Scriptum for the Italian edition is in the stores.

On December 26, 2012, Dario De Toffoli wrote on his Blog (from Il Fatto Quotidiano) about compulsive gambling and the mistake of including games that don't make players addicted to it.

December 2012: the swiss edition (gamefactory) of Dobbelduel (Master Dice), a game by Leo Colovini, is in the stores!

December 12 2012, 07:00 p.m. in Chiara Idea (Via dei Cerchi, 75 - Rome) there will be a demonstrative Tournament of the game Verba Volant by Ennio Peres, published by Giovani nel Tempo with the support and licence by studiogiochi.

The new number (n. 30) of the ludic culture magazine Tangram is available. Among the important articles, the poker voyage by Dario De Toffoli continues. There is also an exhaustive (and for us flattering) article by Cosimo Cardellicchio about the Mind Sports Olympiad.

December 2012. On Focus there is an interesting article by Mauro Gaffo about game authors. Gaffo has been a jury member of the Premio Archimede 2012 and talked therefore with many authors: some of their creations are mentioned on the article. Photos by Stefano Pavesi. 

November 2012: studiogiochi took part to the "Festa del Torrone" in Cremona, this year dedicated to sweetness, with a series of events...

The game Gioco di Nala, by Furio Honsell, Paolo Munini and Flavio Rigo, Special Prize Sebastiano Izzo at the Premio Archimede 2012, is becoming a real animation tool (...)

25 November 2012: the city of Rimini hosted the congress for the Foundation of the new area for games and traditional sports "Area Giochi e Sport Tradizionali" of the UISP association.

Novembre 2012:  this month magazine Poker Sportivo has an article about Superpoker, the new poker book by Dario De Toffoli.  

November 2012: last October the Health Department put attention on compulsive gambling. But with great flaws and omissions. We will discuss this.
In the meantime we would like to report the intervention of Mr. Mario Adinolfi, decisively against the hazard, but also against the criminalization of games (...)

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