studiogiochi opens its new partnership with Sudoku Srl.
The first product is
Settimana Sudoku, already leader magazine in Italy, that starting from number 407 will be presented with a new graphic and new contents.
Many other upcoming titles.

May 2013: the new book by Dario De Toffoli and Margherita Bonaldi Blackjack: A Champion's Guide, published by Gaming Books is available on! The book is based on the part dedicated to Blackjack of the previous Il grande libro del Blackjack.

May 2013: the new book by Dario De Toffoli "Giochiamo a Burraco", published by Sperling&Kupfer in the collection Sperling Tips, is available online in its only e-book version!

May 2013: the book by Dario De Toffoli "Superpoker" published by Sperling&Kupfer, is available online in its e-book version!

The Notice of competition for the Premio Archimede 2014 is online!

June 2013: On June 14/15/16 2013 the first table games Olympiads will take place in Vieste l(organized by AREA GIOCHI E SPORT TRADIZIONALI UISP). studiogiochi takes part to this event through Dario Zaccariotto that will lead some of the activities.

May 2013: studiogiochi will take part to "Enigmipizza" (organized by Geopiano) which will take place in Padova on May 30, and will have a part dedicated to mental calculation techniques brilliantly explained by Dario Zaccariotto.

May 2013: studiogiochi will take part to the "Giornata Mondiale del gioco 2013" which will take place in Udine on May 25 with math games, crowword puzzles and other puzzles by Dario Zaccariotto.

Maggio 2013: Golde Horn, the game by Leo Colovini, published by Piatnik, is in the stores!

March 2013: the publisher Ares Game presented at the Gama Trade show a the longed new edition of Inkognito, the game by Leo Colovini and Alex Randolph that sold more than 1.000.000 copies in the world!

March 2013: after many games and books about games, studiogiochi realizes its first novel. The book Casin degli Spiriti by Leo Colovini, published by Eclissi Editrice is in the stores! 

March 2013: the Publishing Group l'Espresso published our insert Ruzzlemania in its 17 Italian daily papers.

March 2013: Ab in die Tonne, the game by Carlo A. Rossi, published by Abacus Spiele, is in the stores!

April 2013: UAAR presents "Il lato oscuro del gioco" (The dark side of games) with Dario De Toffoli and Stefano Mondini. The meeting will take place on April 5, 2013 at 5.30 p.m. in Mestre at the Candiani Cultural Center.

March 2013: studiogiochi will take part to the "Festa del Pi Greco" which will take place in Udine between the 9th and 14th of March, with two events, "Contare facile" (Dario De Toffoli) and "Contiamo e paroliamo" (Dario Zaccariotto).

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