February 2014: the celebration edition of "Lucca Città" by Alessandro Zucchini, published by DV Giochi, is in the stores!

studiogiochi presents a Questionnaire by the De Rosa Project which was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for a new event to be carried out in 2015...

The Mensa HungarIQa selects the best games of the year since 2009 in Hungary. This year in 2013 Piatnik Budapest won with Inkognitoin the Strategic Games categor.

November 2013:  Inkognitothe popular game by  Alex Randolph and Leo Colovinipublished by Ares Games in a new edition, is in the stores!

November 2013: "Ab in die Tonne" ("Roskis") is the game of the year in Norway!

October 2013: the magazine about games Tangram published on n.31 an interview to Leo Colovini about his novel Casin degli Spiriti.

October 2013: the Russian edition of Family Farm (Piatnik), a game by Carlo A. Rossi, is in the stores!

October 2013:  Road Rally USAthe game by  Carlo A. Rossipublished by MayFair Games, is in the stores!

October 2013:  the multilingual edition of Ab in die Tonne (, a game by Carlo A. Rossi, is in the stores!

October 2013:  Der Schatz von Castellinathe game by  Carlo A. Rossipublished by Moses Spiele, is in the stores!

De Verkenners, by Leo Colovini, published by Carta Mundi is available. A new version of the game Dummy, with collectible cards representing the DreamWorks animations.

Shared gold between Ankush Kahndelwal and Andres Kuusk at the Mind Sports Olympiad 2013. The chronicles are online.

N. 1 of La Settimana Logika, the new weekly paper that trains your brain by having fun, is in the stores. Completely new, unique in its own way.


The n. 1 of the magazine Mai quattro is in the stores. The new amusement is reaching all the families: easy, fun to play, smart. The magazine contains also Maze, Tatami and much more.


The n. 1 of Kriss kross is in the stores. Traditional puzzles and more: fun and easy amusement. The magazine contains also Crucipuzzle, Ruzzle, Crucitype, Thread and other puzzles.


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