April 28 2014: during these days we remember the 10 years since the death of the great Alex Randolph, to whom the Premio Archimede is dedicated. Saturday, October 4th, at the San Leonardo hall in Venice, in occasion of the final of the competition, we will dedicate a special moment to him.

April 17 2014: the agreement between UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) and GioNa (Associazione Nazionale Città in Gioco) has been renewed  at the Ludoteque of the city of Udine.

April 2014: on Dario De Toffoli writes about the Premio Archimede

April 2014: Dario De Toffoli will participate to the "Tavola esagonale" Gioco e Creatività, that will take place on Friday April 4th in the city of Modena as an opening Event of Play 2014.

March 2014: the Polish edition of Der Schatz von Castellina (Moses Spiele), a game by Carlo A. Rossi, is in the stores!

March 2014: The famous board game now playable on the iPad! Play the original 1988 Spiel des Jahres “Beautiful Game” Special Award winner in a great adaptation for iOS.

Italian Poker Wild, the new casino game presented by Diego Ferrari and his team and mathematically developed by studiogiochi. (...)

March 14, 2014: studiogiochi will take part to the "Festa del Pi Greco" which will take place in Udine on the 14th of March, with an intervention by Dario De Toffoli and Dario Zaccariotto after the vision of the movie 21 by Robert Luketic.

Also De Toffoli and Zaccariotto take part to the public letter (promoted by Paolo Fasce) who is promoting this new word.

February 2014: Cartagenathe popular game by Leo Colovinipublished by Ravensburger in a new edition, is in the stores!

February 2014: Leg los!, the new game by Carlo A. Rossi, published by Zoch, is in the stores!

February 2014: Great success for studiogiochi, at the Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse, as shown in the February 5 Nuova Venezia article by Massimo Tonizzo.

February 2014: the celebration edition of "Lucca Città" by Alessandro Zucchini, published by DV Giochi, is in the stores!

studiogiochi presents a Questionnaire by the De Rosa Project which was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for a new event to be carried out in 2015...

The Mensa HungarIQa selects the best games of the year since 2009 in Hungary. This year in 2013 Piatnik Budapest won with Inkognitoin the Strategic Games categor.

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