September 2014: the Russian edition (Piatnik) of Golden Horn, the game by Leo Colovini is in the stores.

August 2014: the most recent promotional game by studiogiochi: Trivial Pursuit - Steal, the card game with cultural questions about the Soccer World Cup, realized for Nivea Men.  To know more about promotional games, visit our promo games section.

The Ludoteca of the city of Udine and the Cultural Association Coccinelle Rosa present the game authors meeting that will take place in Udine on Sept. 6-7 2014. During the event Leo Colovini will announce the list of the admitted games to the final of the Premio Archimede 2014.

August 2014: Hot tin roof, the game by Leo Colovini (Mayfair Games) is in the stores!

August 2014: studiogiochi is happy to announce the support and collaboration of the City of Venice in the Premio Archimede 2014, that will take place October 4 at the San Laonardo Hall of Venice.

The 18th Edition of the MSO (Mind Sports Olympiad) willl take place in London between the 17th and 25th of August. Among the Italian players Dario De Toffoli, Daniele Ferri, Riccardo Gueci and Cosimo Cardellicchio.

June 2014: "Games are a serious thing" - gambling and issues connected to games with Dario De Toffoli in the Talk show "Approfondimenti" on Channel 7Gold and 7 Gold Plus Nordest.

June 2014: the crazy feat by Dario De Toffoli. How to reach the theoretical limits of the 2048, the popular game that everybody is playing.

June 2014: the French edition of Der Schatz von Castellina (Kikigane), a game by Carlo A. Rossi, is in the stores!

June 2014: Espresso Fishing, by Davide Rigolone, 9th Place at the 2012 Edition of the Premio Archimede, in now published by Piatnik, available in the stores!

June 12 2014: in occasion of one of the many meetings organized by the Association Architettando for the "A-way Impulsi Urbani" Event, Dario De Toffoli participated to the conference "L'architettura riparte dal gioco" together with Giovanni Corbellini and Antonino Saggio.

May 2014: on My 31 and June 1st, the city of Udine hosts the "Giornata Mondiale del gioco". In this occasion Dario De Toffoli presents a project about the conservation and utilisation of the italian ludic heritage: the "Archivio Italiano dei Giochi".

May 2014: don't miss n. 30 of Logika (available from June 3rd)! By sending together with the game the coupon that is inside, you will be able to inscribe your game until June 30.

May 2014: the final jury, for the assignation of the Cartamundi Prize to the best card game, will be joined  by Luc Mertens, game expert, specialized in card games, having directed the game section of Cartamundi for 33 years and having collaborated with many different game publishers all over the world.

May 2014: inside the "Festa del Gioco" at the Sport Park of Fano, organized by Uisp, on May 17 there will be a public debate "It is just a game. Ludopathy or Hazzardopathy?"

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