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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Carlo A. Rossi
A smart financial board game. Each player influences the Stock Exchange but part of ones cards are in common with the player sitting on the right side, part with the player sitting on the left side. What will they do, then?
Alex Randolph
Again, in a Japanese autonomous edition, the intriguing mechanism of simultaneous playing of cards through this classic by Alex Randolph. Who will play the right cards at the right time?
Dario De Toffoli
The game is "Buon Compleanno!" in a new packaging but with the same illustrations. A joyful and fast card game for children in which all the animals have to go to the right birthday party.
Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello
Two players challenge themselves in a series of battles to death; the secret to get out of difficulty is to let the Iliad heroes fight, too.
Leo Colovini
A collectible card game based on the world famous Nickelodeon TV series, realized by cartamundi in collaboration with studiogiochi as loyalty campaign for a chain of supermarkets.
Alex Randolph
The intriguing mechanism of simultaneous playing of cards through this classic by Alex Randolph. Who will play the right cards at the right time?
Leo Colovini
A holiday card game. A romantic walk in Venice or a wild night in Mykonos? A trip to an amusement park or...? Each destination will be optimized according to the correct group!
Leo Colovini, Stefano Cavanè
In this evolution of Quicksand, the goal of the game is to reach the Parliament with a captivating race among honest and dishonest people in Italy.
Leo Colovini
Horseland is a famous cartoon TV series set in a ranch with baby trendy cowgirls. The game makes you experience one of the most exciting moments of the series: the horse race.
Leo Colovini
With fish, you get valuable cans; collect the most cans and you become Top Cat! You better be nimble and quick, curious and catty...and, oh, so clever!
Dario Zaccariotto
Born as a "learn&play" game played in occasion of the "Player of the year", this strategy and memory game is a competition between some pitiless fleas that lay siege to some funny dogs.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli
4 different ways of playing with the precious tiles made by Valvassori, similar to Mah-Jong ones but with fruit as suits. Two boxes are available: with 6 or with 8 kinds of fruits.
Leo Colovini
An intriguing and clever game, inspired by Corsari by the same author, with a much more simple scoring. You can end the game any time...
Renato de Rosa
One step beyond obviousness: you should discover and invent strange variations on proverbs, songs, novels and movies.
Leo Colovini
A party-game realized for the chain of shops Città del Sole. Children wear special crown cut-out from a big game board and run after each other trying to guess whose crown is the card they have.
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