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"Our" games are ideas of "our" authors that became concrete products, edited and distributed by "our" editors.
Some of these games have become international hits, some others had an alternating commercial luck.
We grew fond of each one of them.
Leo Colovini
The classic pirates boardgame, winner of many international awards, now for IPhone and IPad! Experience the legendary 1672 escape of the pirates from the Cartagena Fortress!
Harald Bilz, Marco Pozzi
A game of positioning tiles, from 2 to 4 players, in which one has to build castles ... defying gravity!
Leo Colovini, Dario Zaccariotto, Dario De Toffoli
The mechanism is the same of the game Sudoku, but in a bigger box with a real game board. A competitive game based on the mechanism of the puzzle that conquered the world.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Dario Zaccariotto
This is a unique box including the two games Challenge Sudoku and Kakuro Challenge. The board game is double sided and the content is the sum of the original components.
Leo Colovini
Huts join together and new villages develop. The rules are really simple, but each move is definitive: you must make good use of the tactical situations coming from the eras' rolling by.
Alex Randolph
Crack your code first! You can see your opponents' codes but not your own. Using questions and logic, try to deduce which three numbers are hidden in front of you.
Francesco e Luisa Cognetti, Leo Colovini
A simple and fast card game. Each player must try to have the richest collections: the more one wants to enrich them, the more one will risk to loose everything.
Ennio Peres
49 pieces in 7 different colors are placed randomly on the game board and players have to collect them in the most convenient way. A new coloured version of the Nim games.
Simone Luciani
The tactical game of dice.
Carlo A. Rossi, Lorenzo Tarabini
Your goal is to fill your basket with a bountiful collection of fruits and vegetables, while at the same time correctly predicting how long it will take you to fill your basket.
Leo Colovini
An intriguing and clever game, inspired by the Gin Rummy, and to its best mechanisms. You can tell your crew to weigh anchor at any time, ending the game.
Alex Zucchini
Choose the right animal in order to run as fast as you can. But beware, it could refuse to run! A wild race with dice.
Dario Zaccariotto, Leo Colovini
It is a didactic game realized for the Diocesan Museum of Padua, for the exhibition "Dall'Adige alle Alpi" dedicated to restored pictures.
Leo Colovini, Giuseppe Baù
It is a game of development, transports, conquers and culture, between the provinces of Netherlands and the new, riches colonies. To win you have to optimize your choice and to adapt to every new situation.
Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli
A new edition of the game Dummy: collectible cards with DreamWorks animations. players play a maximum of three cards to catch the rows as they form on the table, before the opponents do the same.
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